#newreleases Balls-deep In Paradise by Anthony Donnelly

My first published novel coming soon “Balls-deep In Paradise”… a semi-autobiographical work about my experiences in Costa Rica, reflecting on my early childhood experiences with sexual abuse, self-discovery, failed relationships, business ventures, and lots of travel abroad. Part fact, part fiction, this is an ‘adult coming-of-age’ story about a man in his early 40s thinking he’s made it ‘there’ and realizing there is a deeper spiritual path in life that many never find, or only find by facing adversity. A sort of “Sideways” in the jungle!


"Balls-deep In Paradise" by Anthony Donnelly
“Balls-deep In Paradise” by Anthony Donnelly


Release date: late 2014/ early 2015 – due to the sensitive and highly personal nature of this work, I cannot give a definite release date, but just wanted to keep my fans and followers in the loop about upcoming works and works in progress.

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#midlifecrisis What Are You Doing With Your Life?

It’s a good question, worth repeating for the hard of hearing:

“What are you doing with YOUR life…?”

A question I was asked this evening. A good question, I thought. Even though I didn’t really have an answer to. I simply said:

“I don’t know any more.”

It’s true, I don’t. I have dreams and aspirations, but not really… not any more… not like when I was younger. I don’t have the same things to prove. People don’t impress me, and I don’t have anybody to impress any more. Have I done all I want to do in life? Seen all I want to see in life? Experienced all life has to offer…? Some days it feels that way.

Once upon a time, I felt that I needed to DO something, achieve something, prove something… to SOMEbody. Now I find myself in what I call the ‘apathetic blah’ – I don’t care… but others do…

“I’ve lost the passion.”

I have, it’s gone. In my family fairytale book it ended with:

“…and lived happily ever after.”

There is no chapter for how to deal with divorce… losing your children… life after loss… how to start from $0 and no assets… It makes me appreciate the few friends I actually have.

BUT I still want to do something with whatever is left of my life. As I say, I have one last Hoo-rah left in me… one last BIG thing I have energy enough to do… I think all of us do. Can my life – our lives – really have been for nowt? We all start off startled and cold upon entering this experience, and we probably leave the same way. What do we do with the space inbetween?

I think I’m lucky that I get to work with a clean slate… I don’t have to leave a dead-end job to start again… I don’t have to walk out of a failed marriage… I don’t have to throw down my gun and walk off the battlefield… I’m not hospitalized and wondering, if I’ll ever be well again… I just have to answer a very simple question:

“What are you doing with your life?”

#newrelease #books “Eric, the Brick” by Anthony Donnelly

Happy weekend to you all! I am very happy to say that I rediscovered this older work of mine from 1998, back when I still lived in London, and wrote for a younger friend of mine, and felt I should let it see the light of day. I thought it had been lost amongst my travels and crashed computers, but stumbled upon it just recently.

"Eric, the Brick" by Anthony Donnelly
“Eric, the Brick” by Anthony Donnelly


It is a very simple, almost old-fashioned story about a common house brick named Eric, who is ‘brick-napped’ from the building site he’s delivered to. Thankfully, a local ‘Brickologist’ (someone that makes a study of bricks!) is close by to save the day. Cute, charming, and educational, this little work will allow parents to discuss topics of ‘doing the right thing’, ‘good vs bad’, teamwork and unity, amongst other things, all via a very simple and engaging story.


Now for those of you who aren’t Brickologists and don’t know much about the subject, let me just explain a few things about bricks. Bricks come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. There are red bricks, yellow bricks, grey bricks – oh! far too many colours to go into for one story. Bricks also have many uses. There are house bricks, paving bricks, bricks that don’t even look like bricks, all fancifully carved and frightfully pretty.

Now, not many people know this (apart from Brickologists of course, who have spent a great deal of time and effort studying them in depth) but bricks also have some amazing abilities. For example, did you know that bricks can talk and have a language all to themselves? Well they do, it’s called Arabrick. How terribly boring it would be for bricks standing all day long next to each other in a wall without being able to talk! Seeing as only the very highly qualified Brickologists can understand Arabrick, I have taken the liberty of writing their speech in English so that you can better understand what they are saying. You’ll discover more about their talents later on in the story. Well, just so that you know what sort of brick Eric was, he was just your ordinary red house brick.
Now, on with the story…


Available to buy in about two weeks, if you go here: Book Country books

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#humanity #hope #inspiration “Kitty Rescue!”

Every now and again something happens to restore your faith in humanity. This is one such story I had to share…

cat rescue

I’m in Canada right now, and staying with a ‘friend’ who has two cats and a dog… Yesterday, her cat ran away and got stuck up a nearby tree. No matter how hard we tried to coax and coo the little chap down, he would not budge. I tried climbing the tree, but couldn’t get past a tricky spot, so we just figured the little feline would climb down by morning. Sufficetosay, he didn’t, and was still mewing this morning. So, off we toodled across the road to the tree he was stuck up and tried again… to no avail. Until, to our total surprise, a complete stranger stopped his car, hopped out, and politely asked, “Do you mind if I help you get your cat?” (He could almost have been English, he was so polite about it!)

This kindly chap climbed all the way up the tree, braving being scratched to pieces by a scared and hungry pussy, and brought him down safely… the above photograph does not portray the height danger and adversity human beings will endure to rescue an animal – the chap literally risked life and death to help save this little kitty.

Thank you, whomever you are… Yes, he never offered his name, nor wanted reward, merely jumped back in his car and drove away…

To all the unsung heroes in this world…they do still exist… AND remember our war heroes too this memorial day!

#New releases The Shepherd by Anthony Donnelly

Coming soon… a new title from Anthony Donnelly:

“The Shepherd”: a simple, parable-like tale of a shepherd that has lost his way in life. Through surrender to his situation, Nature comes to his aid and he is able to re-experience life from the perspective of various animals and wildlife. A wonderful story for anybody that feels adrift or disconnected from their inner child and life purpose. It is also a stark reminder to those that assume to lead us to reassess the responsibility they have to those that choose to follow them, be it religious leaders, political leaders, or business leaders.

The Shepherd by Anthony Donnelly
The Shepherd by Anthony Donnelly

Release date: some time this summer!

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#Homeless US #Veterans In Need of Your Help RT

Please retweet this post about the rising US veterans’ homelessness EPIDEMIC.

memorial-day-wallpapersWith Memorial Day just around the corner (May 26th – this Monday) it is the perfect time to proactively make a united effort to spread the word about a horrible problem in America – and elsewhere in the world: homelessness, addiction, and recovery amongst returning war veterans. I don’t much care, if you support US foreign policy or not, it is of no matter, we are dealing with fellow HUMAN BEINGS that did their job abroad, faced terrifying and traumatic circumstances, and arrive ‘home’ to find they are often still fighting a HIDDEN enemy (oftentimes worse than the one they were sent to protect us from!)

If, like me, you were blissfully unaware how widespread this problem is, then you are forgiven, BUT PLEASE… bury your head no longer! I’m amazed that in a society where MILLIONS will happily vote for their favorite candidate on THE VOICE, THE X FACTOR, AMERICAN IDOL, and other such (dare I say…) trite, ridiculous, commercially-driven drivel, less than a few hundred thousand people are actively spreading the word – let alone actually offering their support and assistance – about this problem.

PLEASE help spread the word and, if you can, make a donation, offer some time, or at the very least read some of these sites to educate yourself and those you know about this problem.

IVAA – returning veterans from Iran and Afghanistan

Channel Four news item

Veterans Village of San Diego

or simply google “homeless veterans” and watch the hundreds of page listings pile up!


I have never been in the armed forces, but I have experienced homelessness, and it is definitely no laughing matter. THAT was traumatic enough for me, I cannot imagine how things must be for these men and women from ALL wars over the past decades. Hide your head IN SHAME, if you must, but rather, do something, anything, to help a FELLOW HUMAN BEING. For more information about what some friends and I are trying to do to help be part of the solution, stay posted to this blog.

Thank you for reading, retweeting, and sharing.

“Together all problems can find solutions.” (Anthony Donnelly)





#Quotations: You’ve Made Your Bed…

Following on from my last post about quotations, this is one that I have adapted:

nails“You’ve made your bed, so now lie in it.”


How utterly stupid! Who in their right mind would take that advice?

I have altered this quotation:

“You’ve made your bed, but when you lie in it, if it’s uncomfortable, remake it .”

How often do we just take what is and “accept the hand that’s dealt us”? Okay, I admit, there are sometimes things beyond our control, but who in their right mind would lie in an uncomfortable bed? Remaking the bed might involve apologizing, or doing certain ‘uncomfortable’ things in the short term, but ultimately we will be in a more comfortable life situation. Since we spend a third of our lives asleep (for so many folks, that figure is higher and involves their ‘waking’ lives too!) why not make the experience more comfortable.

If you know of quotations you don’t fully gell with, please share them in the comments below or blog about them.

Book Review: Notes from a Small Island

I have lived outside of the British Isles most of my adult life, only occasionally stopping back there for important family gatherings, funerals, and the like. And so it was, whilst visiting friends in Canada recently, I stumbled upon Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson.

Bill brysonWhat a delighful read. Bill writes with fondness and appreciation of my homeland, liberally smattered with big dollops of his unique wit and humour. Part tour guide, part homage to a country he called home for two decades, he retells his early experiences with the strange and quirky land, the things that have changed – for good and bad – and gives a very unbiased observation of many regions of the UK I also love, and love to hate.

It was a nostalgic journey for me, and quite lovely to hear the reflections and observations of a ‘foreigner’ to my little island. I found myself all at once crying, as I remembered fondly places from my childhood, and laughing out loud (which I rarely do when reading!) at his spot-on observations about us Brits. It was great to be reminded of what makes the British so unique and cherished.

This is an easy read and page-turner, in fact, I easily used this book as an excuse NOT to do more important chores! Bill has a wonderfully engaging and conversational style. If you’re a fan of the UK, planning a trip there, or just like a jolly good read, this book gets two thumbs up from me – I’d give it more, but I only have two hands!

Thank you Bill Bryson for taking the time to jot down your love of my country.