Spiritual Quotations: “As We Enter…”

Since I was a young lad, I have always enjoyed quotations of all types, but especially those of an inspirational or spiritual nature.

Many I have altered over the years and added a new spin to, as they either didn’t make sense or resonate with me, or I simply felt they just didn’t go far enough. In moments of contemplation and meditation – often while writing – little gems fall into my mind.

This is the case with the quotation below, that appears in one of my ‘children’s stories for adults’, The Cockroach Chronicles.


“As we enter, so shall we exit.

What we leave behind can be

a beach to walk upon, or

footprints in the sand.”


In expansion of this quotation, some of my readers have wondered if there was a hierarchy to this. That is to say was I implying that creating a beach to walk upon was a better pursuit than merely walking upon one. My point doesn’t draw a comparison, as the opening suggests, we arrive with none of the illusionary, physical trappings many of us strive to acquire during our short ‘vacation’ here in this strange, perceived reality, and we cannot take any of that ‘stuff’ with us at the end. What we can do in this preciously short period of experience is create something of pleasure for us (and others) to enjoy, or enjoy all the wonderful things that are already here. It is all transitory and impermanent.

We came here to share and enjoy all the love and beauty that surrounds us.


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