#Quotations: You’ve Made Your Bed…

Following on from my last post about quotations, this is one that I have adapted:

nails“You’ve made your bed, so now lie in it.”


How utterly stupid! Who in their right mind would take that advice?

I have altered this quotation:

“You’ve made your bed, but when you lie in it, if it’s uncomfortable, remake it .”

How often do we just take what is and “accept the hand that’s dealt us”? Okay, I admit, there are sometimes things beyond our control, but who in their right mind would lie in an uncomfortable bed? Remaking the bed might involve apologizing, or doing certain ‘uncomfortable’ things in the short term, but ultimately we will be in a more comfortable life situation. Since we spend a third of our lives asleep (for so many folks, that figure is higher and involves their ‘waking’ lives too!) why not make the experience more comfortable.

If you know of quotations you don’t fully gell with, please share them in the comments below or blog about them.

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