#humanity #hope #inspiration “Kitty Rescue!”

Every now and again something happens to restore your faith in humanity. This is one such story I had to share…

cat rescue

I’m in Canada right now, and staying with a ‘friend’ who has two cats and a dog… Yesterday, her cat ran away and got stuck up a nearby tree. No matter how hard we tried to coax and coo the little chap down, he would not budge. I tried climbing the tree, but couldn’t get past a tricky spot, so we just figured the little feline would climb down by morning. Sufficetosay, he didn’t, and was still mewing this morning. So, off we toodled across the road to the tree he was stuck up and tried again… to no avail. Until, to our total surprise, a complete stranger stopped his car, hopped out, and politely asked, “Do you mind if I help you get your cat?” (He could almost have been English, he was so polite about it!)

This kindly chap climbed all the way up the tree, braving being scratched to pieces by a scared and hungry pussy, and brought him down safely… the above photograph does not portray the height danger and adversity human beings will endure to rescue an animal – the chap literally risked life and death to help save this little kitty.

Thank you, whomever you are… Yes, he never offered his name, nor wanted reward, merely jumped back in his car and drove away…

To all the unsung heroes in this world…they do still exist… AND remember our war heroes too this memorial day!

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