#newrelease #books “Eric, the Brick” by Anthony Donnelly

Happy weekend to you all! I am very happy to say that I rediscovered this older work of mine from 1998, back when I still lived in London, and wrote for a younger friend of mine, and felt I should let it see the light of day. I thought it had been lost amongst my travels and crashed computers, but stumbled upon it just recently.

"Eric, the Brick" by Anthony Donnelly
“Eric, the Brick” by Anthony Donnelly


It is a very simple, almost old-fashioned story about a common house brick named Eric, who is ‘brick-napped’ from the building site he’s delivered to. Thankfully, a local ‘Brickologist’ (someone that makes a study of bricks!) is close by to save the day. Cute, charming, and educational, this little work will allow parents to discuss topics of ‘doing the right thing’, ‘good vs bad’, teamwork and unity, amongst other things, all via a very simple and engaging story.


Now for those of you who aren’t Brickologists and don’t know much about the subject, let me just explain a few things about bricks. Bricks come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. There are red bricks, yellow bricks, grey bricks – oh! far too many colours to go into for one story. Bricks also have many uses. There are house bricks, paving bricks, bricks that don’t even look like bricks, all fancifully carved and frightfully pretty.

Now, not many people know this (apart from Brickologists of course, who have spent a great deal of time and effort studying them in depth) but bricks also have some amazing abilities. For example, did you know that bricks can talk and have a language all to themselves? Well they do, it’s called Arabrick. How terribly boring it would be for bricks standing all day long next to each other in a wall without being able to talk! Seeing as only the very highly qualified Brickologists can understand Arabrick, I have taken the liberty of writing their speech in English so that you can better understand what they are saying. You’ll discover more about their talents later on in the story. Well, just so that you know what sort of brick Eric was, he was just your ordinary red house brick.
Now, on with the story…


Available to buy in about two weeks, if you go here: Book Country books

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