#newreleases Balls-deep In Paradise by Anthony Donnelly

My first published novel coming soon “Balls-deep In Paradise”… a semi-autobiographical work about my experiences in Costa Rica, reflecting on my early childhood experiences with sexual abuse, self-discovery, failed relationships, business ventures, and lots of travel abroad. Part fact, part fiction, this is an ‘adult coming-of-age’ story about a man in his early 40s thinking he’s made it ‘there’ and realizing there is a deeper spiritual path in life that many never find, or only find by facing adversity. A sort of “Sideways” in the jungle!


"Balls-deep In Paradise" by Anthony Donnelly
“Balls-deep In Paradise” by Anthony Donnelly


Release date: late 2014/ early 2015 – due to the sensitive and highly personal nature of this work, I cannot give a definite release date, but just wanted to keep my fans and followers in the loop about upcoming works and works in progress.

As always, please follow me on TWITTER and FACEBOOK, and email me with any comments or questions: adonnellywriter@yahoo.ca

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