“A Poem For The Hard Of Hearing” by Anthony Donnelly

I used to write a great deal of poetry in my younger years, a great deal. Now, not as much as I probably should, but this is my latest inspiration. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it…


“A Poem For The Hard Of Hearing”

Gesturing with hands and feet

Flailing and failing miserably to communicate

“Can you hear me now?”

The world cries

This is not me shouting

It is your conscience

Our conscience


We blind ourselves to what we see

With eyes wide open

Our ears are deafened by our shame

The inactivity of facts we fear to face

We eat injustice with milk and cereal

Gorging ourselves with apathy

While others – sisters and brothers – starve

Democratic dictators bulldoze our rights

In plain sight, within earshot

“Can you hear me now?”


Enslaved by technology

Distractions of the basest kind

A cancer of the mind

An electronic Advil numbing our thinking

Turning our senses into prisons

There may not be military parades

Bright banners and rousing songs

But the evil empire is obvious

Hiding right before our eyes

Shouting at us from within


We all know we are guilty

But there is no finger pointing

It is like shouting down your reflection

The silver colored alter ego

Alice’s twin – what we wish to see

The reflection is as deaf as we are

And just as blameless


“Can you hear me now…?


By Anthony Donnelly

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