New Cockney Rhyming Slang: “49q?’d”

I love words. I love playing with words. I love writing words. Like Shakespeare, I also love to make up new words and sayings. That is the marvel of the English language, it’s so versatile. Cockney Rhyming Slang (being a Londoner) is especially dear to my heart.

49q cover new

“49q? The Enigma Continues” is a new-concept novel I began writing in the mid-90s as part of a trilogy, a movie, AND a heavy rock music album. Those of you that know me better than others know I work in a very high-chunk realm, and love to push the boundaries of creativity. It took me seven years to compile and almost drove me mad in the process, as it’s rather intricate and confusing. Many elements of the work are free-thought association and spiritual/ cosmic channeling – at one point I even thought I was possessed…!!!? Yeah, seriously 49q?’d.

That’s the cockney rhyming slang: 49q?’d = screwed. I’m not sure how popular the expression will become, but I’m releasing the second in the trilogy to mark ten years since the completion of the project. It’ll be free to download later this month for reviewers and ratings. If you want to know more, just email me: Anthony Donnelly Email.

It’s a confusing read in parts, deep in places, some interesting quotations to make you think, downright bizarre in many elements, but for the most part an engaging and thought-provoking read. I’m looking forward to seeing how the world finally takes to this old work…

Try not to get 49q?’d, and…

Stay tuned.



Book Review Exchange

Calling all fellow published authors…

Would you like to share and promote book reviews and ratings on amazon? If so, please email me: Anthony Donnelly Email

I have two books I’m pushing for Christmas: The Shepherd and 49q?

If you would like to take part, I’ll give your book a star rating and a review, and I’ll also post it on my blog, twitter, and facebook page. I’ll be launching a one-day event when both books are free for download and I’ll give you the details in my reply email.

Thanks for your help and support.




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FREE Book Promotion Over Now

The Shepherd Cover ArtThe free book download promotion on Amazon for THE SHEPHERD has now ended.

What a BRILLIANT promotional launch week this has been! Thank you all for your support in downloading the book, reading it, and posting your reviews.

Although we didn’t reach the #1 spot in any category, we did manage to get into the top 10, which is a wonderful achievement with so little promotion.

The greatest news of all, is that it has now led to some early sales of the book 🙂


If you missed the free offer, you can still download the book at its current promotional price of only $2.99 until further notice. Just click on the photo or go here to buy your copy: THE SHEPHERD. Please keep posting your reviews and sharing links with your friends.

AND PLEASE: be honest with your reviews, if I can improve the story any, please let me know.


Thank you once again for all your help and support – you are awesome!



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Thank You Everyone!

What a great first day of my new book launch! Together we’ve managed to get THE SHEPHERD up to #6,143 in overall free downloads, and #8 and #45 in two subcategories! Magnificent work, please keep it up.

The ‘Look Inside’ feature is now working, too:

The Shepherd, free book
The Shepherd, free book

The free book download offer runs all week, so keep spreading the word and posting your reviews. It would be great to hit the #1 spot in at least one category, if we can… we just need a few more reviews and downloads each day for the rest of the week.

I can’t thank all of you enough for all your work, support, and great effort helping to make this a reality for me!





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#Newrelease “The Shepherd” Out Now!

Finally it’s here! It’s been a long time coming, but my latest ebook, “The Shepherd – How To Lead In The Human Spiritual Revolution” is now available on Amazon (click the photo to go to the page).

The Shepherd Cover Art

It would be great to get some early reviews on it. I somehow cocked up on the Kindle KDP Select thingy, as there was supposed to be a countdown promotion FREE for five days. I’m still working on it and hope I can fix it, so the early birds don’t have to pay for a download. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for the support!

#goodreads The Cockroach Chronicles

Offering free review copies of my book The Cockroach Chronicles to interested readers for a limited time.

Cockroach Chronicles Cover

Do you know of anybody that loves to read and review books? Perhaps YOU would love to read and review this short story of mine? I hate to mention Christmas so early in the year, but in order to boost my online exposure, I need more reviews and ratings on amazon, so I’m offering the book for free until the end of November.

Send me an email, and I’ll send you a copy to read and review!


This short, easy-to-read story follows the adventures of Flyserou, a brave, young cockroach, tired of the endless battle against the Enemy (humans), who leaves home in search of answers to the relentless war. The story is told through a course of ten letters sent back home. As we read about Flyserou’s adventures and encounters, it is as much an engaging parable as it is a self-reflection into our own lives. As Flyserou ventures deeper into the Enemy realm, the reader learns much about themselves (from the viewpoint of a cockroach!) It sounds like a strange story, but the strangest part is the discoveries you will learn as you read this personal correspondence!