Some Early Reviews for THE SHEPHERD by Anthony Donnelly

That was a great free book event yesterday, and a great success. Thank you for all the continued promotion and support. Since one of my readers just called me and told me they thought it was like The Alcamist… only better! I just thought I’d share a few of the great reviews that came in so far:

The Shepherd Cover Art“An amazing read with tons of enlightened thoughts. Love it a ton!!”

“First thing that came to mind upon reading the Shepherd was the story of Hansel and Gretel. Charming and insightful on many levels.”


“This is a wonderful and meaningful little Kindle read. A well-written story with something to learn from it. This author is definitely going to go far. Well worth the price!”


“This book is an easy read, packed full of great information, experiences and backed up by scripture. The book will change how you view your relationship with God and heavenly beings. I highly recommend this book, which is more like a training manual on seeking God and all that He has to offer.”


High praise indeed. The Shepherd now on sale only $0.99 a bargain!




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