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#AUTHOR INTERVIEWS: Jason Black “Titan Fleet: Invictus”

WELCOME to another author interview, this time with new writer, Jason Black, author of TITAN FLEET: INVICTUS, a great, new scifi fantasy set in outerpace.


AuthorPicHalfYour debut novel, TITAN FLEET: INVICTUS, was inspired by the death of your Mother, could you elaborate on how this was inspirational for you?

I have always written stories and poems, since I was small, as I was always alone as a child and only had my imagination as company, but I never finished anything, and growing up, I would start new projects, and never finish them.  My Mum and Dad would always joke with me about that fact.  I really enjoyed writing the stories, however, I never really had the confidence to share that part of me with anyone else, apart from my Mum, who was also very talented with artistic things.  After my Mum passed away in August 2013, I realised what a huge gap she had left in my life, and I needed to fill that gap.  I had promised her, jokingly, that I would actually finish something one day, but now this promise became extremely important to me, as I believe a promise should always be kept.  When my Dad passed on to me my Mum’s laptop, I found a new lease of life, and began to go back to the places I had once walked before in my imagination.  This time with a goal to actually finish a book, and to share it with others.  My Mum was always giving, and always bringing a smile to someone’s face, which is what I hope to do with my books. I am very much my mother’s son.

Where do you gain the inspiration for your main characters from?

Although my inspiration for sci-fi comes from a lot of years of watching sci-fi programs, Star Trek, Buck Rogers, Star Wars, Blake 7, etc., the inspiration for my main characters is not based on any one person.  For example, my inspiration for Megan is just the fact that I wanted a strong, independent woman to be really, more an inspiration for the reader, than anything else.  I believe women can be strong and beautiful at the same time, be compassionate and also tough.  And the same goes for men, they can be tough, strong, authoratative, rugged, but also at the same time, loving and caring and supportive.  These things are a good basis for any character I believe, and I hope this gives the reader something to connect with, and hope for maybe.  I also liked the mixture of different personalities working together with their differences towards the same goal.

imagecourtesyfrontYour genre is science fiction-fantasy, if you couldn’t write in that genre, what other genre would you write in and why?

I have started a fantasy book for the younger readers, but I also have several outlines for horror books in mind.  I really enjoyed writing the latter chapters in Titan Fleet: The Invictus, without giving anything away, where a different side to my writing came out, and I would like to explore this more in future books. My wife, and several others, have told me that chapter 81 is one of the best chapters in the book, and I’m looking forward to scaring them more in the future.

Can you give us a hint at what to expect in your first novel, please.

Titan Fleet: The Invictus is set in space, and it follows Pace on his first command, along with his first officer, Megan Frost.  Their mission turns into something a lot more than they expected and they are forced, not only to save themselves and their new crew, but also their planets population, from two evils.  It is fast paced, with plenty of action, not too techy, with a little bit of something for everyone.  Some romance, big space battles, aliens, conspiracy, horror.  I’m sure everyone would enjoy it, regardless of what genre they are into.

If you could give any advice to novice and aspiring authors, what would you suggest?

Just Write It!  You think you can’t do it, you think you don’t have the time, but you can and you do.  Just believe in yourself.  You just have to find your voice and your style, everyone is different.  Plan your writing time.  Make an appointment with yourself to set that time apart.  I have something I call my Sparks book, in which I jot down ideas (or bright sparks!).  I write down my plot outline, every single detail of each character, and have drawings of the ships, place names and descriptions, anything that helps you build your story world in your mind.  Then just write it, make no excuses.

Are you reading anything right now, if so, what is it and why?

I am reading Hollowland by Amanda Hocking.  I originally saw Amanda on Youtube talking about getting started and how indie publishing worked for her.  She inspired me to push forward with my book when I had writers block.  I enjoy zombie films and books, so it was a no brainer for me. (Pardon the pun!)

Thank you for participating in this interview, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Just that it was very kind of you to ask to interview me, and I am always open to answering questions from readers or potential readers. 🙂


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