PhotoAid Launch – a word from our founder

This was well worth rebloging…

PhotoAid Global

From small beginnings they say, big things happen. My journey has been an interesting one, a lot of it, the kindness of strangers. Wearing my heart on my sleeve more than sometimes I should, leaving myself wide open to experience and people, has opened more doors and the trust of some astonishing individuals and communities. I have travelled and experienced some exceptional things, sat with and shared food with the most extraordinary people. Telling stories with your camera is such a compelling need. I see stories all over the place.

I set up PhotoAid to help fuse the two sides I see all the time. NGOs and good causes who desperately need money but who have amazing assets in the people and on-the-ground knowledge who can broker travel, relationships and who are always looking for volunteers and supporters. I also meet business people who have oodles of cash, but loveā€¦

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