RiP Dad… Gone, but Never Forgotten

2015-03-18 15.39.32

RiP – Maurice Vincent Donnelly

How time flies! Four years ago today, a wonderful man – my Dad – passed away.

It was hard to be in a foreign land hearing the news. It was a shock, coming so close after my birthday – having just heard good news from him – and then, only a few days later, to hear the shocking announcement that he had passed away from a heart attack. The world became bigger that day… it became emptier… and I learned a lot about my Dad after he passed away. Thankfully I was lucky enough to have some wonderful friends around me at that troubling time.

I wasn’t the greatest son in the world. I probably never will be. I never tried to be, if I’m honest. I never thought I should, or had to be. In fact, the greatest gift my Dad gave me was to be able to be me. He probably could have said or done many things to try and make me somebody different – to live vicariously through me – but he didn’t.

Was Dad the greatest Dad in the world? He was the only one I had. He wasn’t perfect. He did the best he could, and I learned (the hard way) the sacrifices he made along the way. I know I’m not half the Dad he was. I probably never will be. I tried, if I’m honest, I tried to undo what I thought I missed out on.

I can only hope – one day – my boys will think back on my death and understand…

Thank you for being YOU, Dad. I love you! I miss you.



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