From Dream To Goal To Reality

my_first_goalsettin_cover_for_kindleAlmost all of us have dreams and ambitions at some point in our lives. Social pressures push us to be more than we are. Seemingly overnight successes prove to us that we CAN be or have more than we do. It can make life frustrating. It can make us feel inadequate. Or it can empower us to take charge of our lives and become the best we can be.

But where do you go from there?

For the vast majority of people, this exercise in self-development stops there. It remains a dream. You may share it with friends and family. “One day I’m going to…”, “I’d love to be doing…”, “When I retire, I’m going to…”, etc.

Sound familiar?

Being able to dream and imagine is something that sets humans apart from the animals, but sadly most of us stop there. It’s comfortable. It’s safe. If it just stays a wish and a dream, it is neither fulfilled nor unfulfilled. It has a kind of Schroeding’s Cat feel to it, rather quantum mechanic-like. We’ll get to it ‘one day’.

What if that day never comes?

“Show me a graveyard, and I’ll show you a field of buried dreams!”

Fear stops many people from moving from a dream to a goal, but that’s daft. We’ve all felt and overcome fear. After the fact, we usually feel rather silly for having had that fear in the first place, but that is where our imaginations can also be our enemy: we can picture what might NOT happen in the future just as well as we can picture what WILL happen in the future. Our unconscious minds can’t tell the difference!

Many people with dreams also don’t know how to take the next step. Not all of us are neighbours with Richard Brandson, or other successful people, so we look at our environments, who can we look to? Where can I go for advice and guidance?

We aren’t taught goal-setting in school for a reason!

Personally, I think it should be mandatory to teach children goal-setting, speed reading, and memorization techniques, as these are as important (or more important) in life than English and Mathematics. Imagine if we were actually given the life skills in school to take charge of our lives…! But we are not, because the establishment doesn’t want us to take charge of our lives. I’d like to change that.

A 1% change can make a 100% difference.

Imagine if you just made a 1% change in your habits and behaviours every day how much you would change in a year. It’s staggering. One less bite of food… one more step… one more page of reading… just 1%…

Change and improvement doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be a chore, it can actually be FUN…! Especially when you see and feel the difference. I’m not saying you have to read my book to experience change. I’m not saying you have to buy my book and change your life. I’m not even saying change. But, if you are serious and passionate about becoming more than you currently are – and you are enough just as you are – why not read a few of the free pages available, and if you’d like to invest in your future, buy, read, and apply the principles in my book.

Get my book for FREE!

I’ve priced the book affordably for those that are serious about taking action, but if you seriously cannot afford the price of my book, send me an email, or write a comment below with your email address, and I’ll send you a free pdf version of the book. All I ask, if I do so, is that you rate and review my book on amazon. I want this book to get out there, so if you plan to use it, but can’t afford it, I’d rather you had a copy to use. Once you’ve applied the techniques you’ll be able to buy a copy for a friend.

“Together we can change the world into a much, much better place where we love more, share more, teach more, and give more… and world peace is a reality.”


Anthony James Donnelly


my_first_goalsettin_cover_for_kindleAnthony James Donnelly is an author, motivational and business coach, and life guide. He has spent over 20 years working directly with individuals and corporations to adjust their perspectives on life. In his latest book, “My First Goal-Setting Book: How To Effectively Set & Achieve Your Life Goals”, he concisely explains how to get whatever you want out of life.



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