War Is Killing Us All…

explosion nuclear bomb in oceanAt a time of New Year’s Resolutions, it’s probably the worst time to talk about idealism… Or the best.

I’m an idealist, if you hadn’t already guessed. ‘Idealist’, an interesting word: Idea – list…!?

This is my list:

  • “There will be no peace until PROFIT is removed from war.”
  • “How can PEACE be made profitable…?”
  • IF the 5 most powerful countries in the world are the 5 biggest arms dealers in the world, and the 5 biggest warmongers… how does PEACE have a chance?”
  • Can ONE man make a difference…?
  • There are BILLIONS of us…

It’s a dream, an ideal… BUT, it must end.

I offer no solution (now) nor retribution (now) as that is not my job…

…I just KNOW things have to change.



my_first_goalsettin_cover_for_kindleAnthony James Donnelly is an author, motivational and business coach, and life guide. He has spent over 20 years working directly with individuals and corporations to adjust their perspectives on life. In his latest book, “My First Goal-Setting Book: How To Effectively Set & Achieve Your Life Goals”, he concisely explains how to get whatever you want out of life.


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