A Suicide Note To The Masses

Most suicide notes begin with goodbye. Mine begins with forgiveness. If I was brave enough, I would strap all the explosives I could find to myself, invite all the bad people of the world to meet with me, spend all the money I had on the best food and wine, and blow them all away!

But I don’t, and I can’t. Still, I want to exit this life.

How can I do it with grace?

I’m disgusted with the world and the people that live on it. I want nothing to do with you. You disgust me!

The only colour of the human race is LOVE…

The only religion of the human race is LOVE…

The only nationality of the human race is LOVE…

The only thing we have is LOVE…

Those that disagree… I say to you, look within, if you don’t have that to give away, turn away…! Go away! Leave our planet and leave us in peace! There’s a place for you on Mars.

I’ll die. I’ll gladly die, fighting for a truly free planet, where all peoples, all beliefs, all colours, all opinions, all sizes, all sexes, all things are judged equally. That’s worth dying for!


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