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New 49q coverOn Friday March 6th you can download a FREE copy of my mind-boggling mystery-trilogy-in-one-book: “49q? The Enigma Continues…”

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Bullshit London Tours

Bullshit London CollageWhat an exciting weekend that was!

Whether you’re new to London or have lived here for centuries, Bullshit London Tours are sure to entertain and surprise you! I managed to piggy-back off a group of six Australian tourists that had booked an off-peak tour (main season is April – October) with our host, guide, and comic entertainer, Reuben Williams (if that name is to be believed!)

Learn who stole the clock from St Pauls… where God lives… the world’s smallest children’s prison… and much, much more…!

My favorite part had to be the guided tour of the famous Swedish soap opera film set…

As said, if you thought you knew London, think again!!!

For more details and bookings, check out their website: http://www.bullshitlondon.com/

“A tenner! This tour’s worth more than a tenner…”

“Oh, okay, here’s twenty!”

“Twenty! Twenty? Nah, nah, you have to haggle…”

If Monty Python did London tours… this might well be it.


SPECIAL TIP: Ask them about their special pub crawl…


#AUTHOR INTERVIEWS: Brian Connell “Msomi And Me”

WELCOME to another author interview, this time with an exciting adventure writer, Brian Connell, who was born in Kenya and spent most of his youth with famous wildlife photographers and film makers. He built and ran a game lodge for many years, and is a huge advocate for wildlife protection. His two books, “Msomi & Me” and “Elephants Are People Too” make exciting reading for both adults and children.

Here’s what he has to say:

Author Brian Connell
Author Brian Connell

“Having been brought up in East Africa, in the company of some of the greatest wild-life photographers and film-makers the world has ever seen, it was only natural for me to attach a camera to myself and follow in their illustrious footsteps. I am by no means in their league, but the lessons I learnt from them has, in my humble opinion, led me to make some worthwhile images.

Taking photographic skills and a love of the bush, I started a bush-camp in the middle of nowhere with the intention of running photographic workshops in the wilderness of Africa. For seven years I had an absolute ball, enjoying a lifestyle that few have ever experienced. My mentor, Msomi, and I lived in close proximity to the wildlife; learning, teaching and above all: living!
This collection of anecdotes will give you, the reader, a fair idea of what living in paradise is all about. Interspersed in the text are a number of stories that I have collected during my travels – myths and legends and wonderful stories from Africa. While having little to do with life in a game lodge, they show a side of Africa that few people know about. I hope you enjoy them – I do.”

Acquiring, building, and running a game lodge in Africa must take up a lot of time, however did you manage to find the time to write your books?
Quite correct. Running the lodge was extremely time consuming, but a tremendously fulfilling experience. By no stretch of the imagination could it be called ‘work’. I unwisely formed a partnership with an aquaintance who skipped with all the cash and some of the assets, forcing me to sell up and leave the lodge just to try and stay out of debt. As it was, I ended up owing the banks an absolute fortune. The books were written quite a while after the devasating loss of the lodge, suggested by a good friend as a way of getting over the pain. It worked, to a degree.
There must be lots of adventure in your experiences growing up, how did you decide what to include and what to omit in your stories?

I was brought up in Kenya, in the company of many of the wild-life greats. Armand and Michaela Denis, Alan and Joan Root, Des and Jen Bartlett to name a few. It was their influence that engendered my abiding love of the wilderness. The stories in the books are solely experiences we had while at Nokuthula, my game lodge.

Do you think you missed out on anything important by growing up in East Africa? If so, what in particular, and how do you think you would be different for it?

I probably did miss out on a lot of important stuff, but each individual has his or her own idea about what constitutes ‘important stuff’. I was too busy having fun, adventure and excitement traveling around with my film-maker friends to worry too much about was going on politically, or even socially.  This desire to be in the bush as often as possible resulted in losing out in the girlfriend stakes and becoming a bit of a loner. On the plus side though, it exposed me to people from all religions, colours and social strata, making me tolerant of all and better person for it.

10749918_592661784195430_5264524405469079307_oWhat was your favourite book as a child and why?

I was, and remain, a voracious reader, but if any one book has to be singled out, it is Jock of the Bushveld. It really made me wish I had been born into a much earlier time.

Is there an element of writing you dislike or find challenging? How do you overcome it?

I have a well-known sense of humour and am able to find the funny side of virtually any situation. This trait comes over well in my books, but it is patently obvious, when writing about poaching, for instance, that my emotions are running wild. My writing style tends to change a bit, something my readers have commented on. The only way to overcome that sort of challenge is to write it as if I was speaking aloud, warts and all, and let the emotion flow. Writing about man’s inhumanity to animals is the most challenging and emotional experience for me.

Do you have any tips or advise for new authors and writers?

I write about my personal experiences, so it’s perhaps a bit easier than writing a novel. I tend to day-dream a bit, telling myself stories in my head and let my sub-conscious work away at it for a while. Then write! Let it flow., and it will! Let the words appear, disregarding good grammar or ‘correct’ sentence structure. You can always go back and edit. But above all, don’t be shy to display your emotions if writing about something dear to your heart.

Would you like to add anything?

My books tell stories of Africa, a place of mystery and adventure even today. But Africa’s wildlife is in dire straits with the terrible poaching epidemic currently underway. I would plead with anyone who has a heart and a sense of adventure to read my books, get a feel for the wonders of living in the bush and doing everything they can to help out.


Click on any of the pictures above to access Brian’s website, and please share this interview with your friends. Together we can all do our part to help protect the dwindling wildlife around the world that is being cruelly slain illegally. Once the wildlife is gone, there won’t be any more!



 * * *

49q hard coverANTHONY DONNELLY blogs about all things writing, inspirational, and motivational. He has published a number of books for both children and adults. His elaborate first novel 49Q? THE ENIGMA CONTINUES is currently climbing up the Amazon charts, and is available in Kindle or paperback. When not sat at his keyboard writing, he can be found in Costa Rica, North America, or somewhere in Europe motivating and coaching individuals and groups in self-development techniques and life-balance.



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This is a HUGE THANK YOU shout-out to everybody that has already downloaded my #freebook today…!!!

The Shepherd Cover ArtNow that I’ve finally wrapped my head (at least the basics!) around how all this online amazon KDP promotion stuff works, it really looks like my book is climbing up the ratings… ALL THANKS TO YOU…!!!

Thank you… Thank you… THANK YOU…!

If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, you can do so here: THE SHEPHERD

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#Free for One More Day!!!

Good news everybody! I just discovered I have an extra FREE day for my book, THE SHEPHERD, to be downloaded for FREE.

The Shepherd Cover Art

If you missed out on the original launch party giveaway last week, you can benefit from my oversight and get your free copy today only.

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#mondayblogs #books Inspiration Behind “The Shepherd”

Happy Monday to you all!

Shepherd quotation

Thank you for all the likes, support, downloads, and reviews of my latest inspirational parable for personal growth, “The Shepherd”. Some of my friends from Costa Rica have noticed and recognized the sheep and goats from the front cover artwork. Thanks to Michael – the shepherd at that time at the environmental farm I was working on – for taking and sharing the photograph.

A few people have asked what the inspiration was behind this new work. Well, the truth is, I hadn’t intended to write it! I already had two books in a similar vein out on the market: CHARLIE, THE MIGRATING SNAIL, that I’d written in my early youth and have finally epublished, and THE COCKROACH CHRONICLES, which I wrote back in 2000 whilst awaiting the publication of WHEN THE TREES HELD THEIR BREATH, which is now out of print, but I’m considering bringing it out again in ebook format.

THE SHEPHERD began as a few, simple writing style examples for a friend of mine who was struggling to put down their ideas on meditation and life balance into words. They had a lot of knowledge, experience, and information, but couldn’t find a way to put it down in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Living in the middle of a Costa Rican rainforest was great inspiration to write, and I rapidly got an idea which I shared with him. He loved the simplicity of it. In quick succession, I was inspired to write a few more examples. Then a few more… and a few more… I think I deluged him with examples! He liked them, but couldn’t really get into my style.

It was quickly clear that this wasn’t the book he was writing, this was a book I had been inspired to write from meeting and talking with him! Funny how the universe works. I’d not really been inspired to write, let alone publish anything for many years. The Shepherd was a refreshing return to writing in a style I liked and was used to – reminiscent of better times in my life. I have this young man to thank for being the catalyst to push me back into writing – he needs no embarrassing exposure here, but if he’s reading he knows who he is. Thank you my friend!

If you have any questions or comments, please just ask! If you can’t afford to download a copy, just ask me and I’ll send you the text. And please keep commenting, reviewing, and rating my book. The offer goes for ALL my works, if you want a read and can’t afford them, I want them read, so just ask me!



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FREE Book Promotion Over Now

The Shepherd Cover ArtThe free book download promotion on Amazon for THE SHEPHERD has now ended.

What a BRILLIANT promotional launch week this has been! Thank you all for your support in downloading the book, reading it, and posting your reviews.

Although we didn’t reach the #1 spot in any category, we did manage to get into the top 10, which is a wonderful achievement with so little promotion.

The greatest news of all, is that it has now led to some early sales of the book 🙂


If you missed the free offer, you can still download the book at its current promotional price of only $2.99 until further notice. Just click on the photo or go here to buy your copy: THE SHEPHERD. Please keep posting your reviews and sharing links with your friends.

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Thank you once again for all your help and support – you are awesome!



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Thank You Everyone!

What a great first day of my new book launch! Together we’ve managed to get THE SHEPHERD up to #6,143 in overall free downloads, and #8 and #45 in two subcategories! Magnificent work, please keep it up.

The ‘Look Inside’ feature is now working, too:

The Shepherd, free book
The Shepherd, free book

The free book download offer runs all week, so keep spreading the word and posting your reviews. It would be great to hit the #1 spot in at least one category, if we can… we just need a few more reviews and downloads each day for the rest of the week.

I can’t thank all of you enough for all your work, support, and great effort helping to make this a reality for me!





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