NEW BOOK: When The Rainbow Smiled by Anthony James Donnelly

Rainbows New Cover

Originally written back in 2000 as the sequel to my first publication, When The Trees Held Their Breath, this short, illustrated work tells the story of how colour first came to the world as a ‘smiling’ rainbow. At a much deeper level, the resounding message is one of peace, love, acceptance, and harmony.

This work is especially dear to my heart, as I thought it was lost forever. At the turn of the millennium, certain members of the UK education system were showing an interest in this work as an education tool for primary school children. Since I was living in the US at that time promoting “Trees”, I handed the project and all of my artwork over to an old Secondary School friend of mine, Richard Eyre. He had many contacts, and worked diligently with them to compile a teaching resource to accompany my short, powerful story.

Scan_20151212 (4)
Artwork by Mani Navasothy

Sadly, the project failed to reach fruition at the last minute, and was shelved. When you are an industry outsider, it’s very hard to break into a market that is controlled by the larger organisations! Even sadder is the fact that Richard passed away this year in a tragic motorbike accident in Thailand, where he had been living for the past seven years working on humanitarian projects.

It was at his funeral recently that I was surprised to be reunited with my text and some of my original watercolour artwork once more. Although a handful of my original art was missing, they had been replaced by the fantastic work of Mani Navasothy (an artist Richard had hired to ‘upgrage’ some of my images) which add even more depth and colour to my words.

Scan_20151212 (3)
Artwork by Anthony Donnelly

With the advancement of online publishing and print-on-demand technology, I decided to edit and format this into a full colour publication in honour of my late friend, Richard.

Although I have no doubt that this short book alone will not bring about world peace, this is part of my continuing contribution to that effort. Perhaps some younger readers and their parents will take the themes and messages of my text and open a dialogue about how we, as a combined human race, can work towards that end. A good start would be to bring peace into our personal lives, more understanding in our daily encounters with friends and strangers, a daily focus on love rather than war… We can only hope that by a collective effort and focus on love and acceptance, our children may get the opportunity to live in a war-free world.

When The Rainbow Smiled is available in print format and Kindle via the Amazon website. I love to hear feedback from my readers, so please help spread the word by sharing, posting reviews, and leaving me comments. May this year end well for you, and may 2016 bring you closer to your dreams.


The Shepherd Cover ArtANTHONY DONNELLY blogs about all things writing, inspirational, and motivational. He has published a number of books for children and adults. His latest book, a short, inspirational parable THE SHEPHERD  is currently climbing up the Amazon charts, and is available in Kindle or paperback. When not sat at his keyboard writing, he can be found in Costa Rica, North America, or somewhere in Europe motivating and coaching individuals and groups in self-development techniques and life-balance. Most recently you can see him back on the sets of films and in front of the modelling camera again.

#FREE #Birthday #Gift For You All…!

A strange tradition, I know, but it is customary in our family (after a certain age) to gift things to other people on our birthdays. So, here is my gift to my friends in Cyber-land, on my 45th birthday… free Kindle downloads of my two books, THE SHEPHERD, and 49q? THE ENIGMA CONTINUES.

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Have a wonderful end to the week… Have a brilliant weekend… and a very Happy Easter to you all…!

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Bullshit London Tours

Bullshit London CollageWhat an exciting weekend that was!

Whether you’re new to London or have lived here for centuries, Bullshit London Tours are sure to entertain and surprise you! I managed to piggy-back off a group of six Australian tourists that had booked an off-peak tour (main season is April – October) with our host, guide, and comic entertainer, Reuben Williams (if that name is to be believed!)

Learn who stole the clock from St Pauls… where God lives… the world’s smallest children’s prison… and much, much more…!

My favorite part had to be the guided tour of the famous Swedish soap opera film set…

As said, if you thought you knew London, think again!!!

For more details and bookings, check out their website:

“A tenner! This tour’s worth more than a tenner…”

“Oh, okay, here’s twenty!”

“Twenty! Twenty? Nah, nah, you have to haggle…”

If Monty Python did London tours… this might well be it.


SPECIAL TIP: Ask them about their special pub crawl…


Start 2015 With A Clean Slate

Clean-SlateIt’s New Year’s Eve and I’m sure many are making preparations for parties and fun with expectations of a better and brighter 2015. A chance to put to bed the old and usher in new hope. As I put the finishing touches to my self-help workbook to accompany The Shepherd parable I published earlier this year, I thought I’d share something to help start the new year with a clean slate.


You’ll need a pen and paper and about 20 – 30 minutes (obviously take as long as you like) On one side of the paper at the top write ‘Amends’ and on the other side write ‘Forgiveness’.

  • Starting with the ‘Amends’ side, cast your mind back over the year, either starting back in January and working forwards, or start now and work backwards. Think of all the people that you got upset with this year. It might be a totally unknown stranger that cut you up or jumped ahead of you in a queue, it might be an organization, your boss, a co-worker, your partner. Write down as many things that got you riled up. It doesn’t matter how trivial the incidents were, they are all important to cleaning house and well-being.
  • Take a deep breath, and now go down your list and write a one-word identifier next to each thing, such as ‘anger’, ‘sadness’, ‘money’, etc.
  • Now go down the list again and think about whether you are still holding a grudge or ill-feelings towards them. Do you gain anything or benefit from holding onto this emotion? Probably not.
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose, and as you exhale, out loud, make a statement of forgiveness for each and every one on your list, e.g., “Mr Smith, I forgive you for making me angry.”
  • Connect with the emotional release as you go one by one down your list.

Now you have made your amends, it’s time to ask forgiveness from those you may have upset during the year. Turn the page over, it’s time to let go of those negative feelings of guilt.

  • Again, casting your mind back over the year, who did you anger or upset? Did you wrong anybody this year, even if it was accidental? Make a list of all the people that you need to ask forgiveness from.
  • Take a deep breath, and go down your list and write a one-word identifier that explains how you hurt or upset them.
  • Think about how much lighter you’ll be once you have jettisoned this unwanted baggage of guilt and embarrassment.
  • Go down your list, taking a breath in through your nose and as you exhale state out loud your wish for forgiveness, e.g., “Mr Smith, I’m sorry I dented your car and drove away without telling you, please forgive me!”
  • Picture them answering you, smiling, and saying, “It okay, I forgive you.”
  • Connect with how good this feels.

It’s a very simple exercise, but very powerful if done sincerely and honestly. To some readers it may seem ‘silly’, but it works. You’ll feel so much better off for giving it a try, and of all the things we should be thinking about doing in 2015, surely being happier, healthier, and sharing the love should be very high up on our agendas, no?

Wishing you all a safe and happy celebration tonight, and the very best year ahead – make it count…!




New Recipe: Coffee with BUTTER…!??

I really like surprises, especially when it comes to good surprises and food and drink. This one came from a new friend, Rhoda, who’s a naturopath from Ireland. So, for all you coffee snobs and adventurous types…

steaming coffee…try adding a nice-sized dollop of butter to your black coffee, you’ll be rather surprised how good it tastes!

Could this be the new drink trend of 2015…?

I have to admit, being a bit of a coffee snob myself, I was a little apprehensive at first, but the butter gives the coffee a rather nice caramelized, creamy feel and taste. I shall be experimenting with the recipe for a few days… perhaps adding sugar… a little cocoa… I’ve been told some salt makes a wonderful difference…

Don’t take my word for it, give it a try yourself… Enjoy, and have a great run up to the New Year!

If you want something good to read with your new coffee, why not try one of my new books on Amazon:


Merry Christmas Everybody!

It’s Christmas Eve… and all through the house… It was chaotic…!!! (lol)

Wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas and all the very BEST for 2015…!


PS – Think of those less fortunate this year…

pop in and check on your elderly neighbors… maybe be a Secret Santa to someone in need…