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This is a HUGE THANK YOU shout-out to everybody that has already downloaded my #freebook today…!!!

The Shepherd Cover ArtNow that I’ve finally wrapped my head (at least the basics!) around how all this online amazon KDP promotion stuff works, it really looks like my book is climbing up the ratings… ALL THANKS TO YOU…!!!

Thank you… Thank you… THANK YOU…!

If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, you can do so here: THE SHEPHERD

Just a few more downloads and I think it’ll be listed as #1, which was my ultimate goal for today. It’s currently at about #8… so your help has been BRILLIANT…! Please keep sharing, retweeting, posting, and keeping the love going round and round.

Keep downloading and sharing. Btw – the reviews are really humbling… thank you all very, very much 🙂


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#Free for One More Day!!!

Good news everybody! I just discovered I have an extra FREE day for my book, THE SHEPHERD, to be downloaded for FREE.

The Shepherd Cover Art

If you missed out on the original launch party giveaway last week, you can benefit from my oversight and get your free copy today only.

Please share this offer on facebook, twitter, your blog, wherever. I really need the extra push and support.


FREE Book Promotion Over Now

The Shepherd Cover ArtThe free book download promotion on Amazon for THE SHEPHERD has now ended.

What a BRILLIANT promotional launch week this has been! Thank you all for your support in downloading the book, reading it, and posting your reviews.

Although we didn’t reach the #1 spot in any category, we did manage to get into the top 10, which is a wonderful achievement with so little promotion.

The greatest news of all, is that it has now led to some early sales of the book 🙂


If you missed the free offer, you can still download the book at its current promotional price of only $2.99 until further notice. Just click on the photo or go here to buy your copy: THE SHEPHERD. Please keep posting your reviews and sharing links with your friends.

AND PLEASE: be honest with your reviews, if I can improve the story any, please let me know.


Thank you once again for all your help and support – you are awesome!



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Thank You Everyone!

What a great first day of my new book launch! Together we’ve managed to get THE SHEPHERD up to #6,143 in overall free downloads, and #8 and #45 in two subcategories! Magnificent work, please keep it up.

The ‘Look Inside’ feature is now working, too:

The Shepherd, free book
The Shepherd, free book

The free book download offer runs all week, so keep spreading the word and posting your reviews. It would be great to hit the #1 spot in at least one category, if we can… we just need a few more reviews and downloads each day for the rest of the week.

I can’t thank all of you enough for all your work, support, and great effort helping to make this a reality for me!





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#goodreads The Cockroach Chronicles

Offering free review copies of my book The Cockroach Chronicles to interested readers for a limited time.

Cockroach Chronicles Cover

Do you know of anybody that loves to read and review books? Perhaps YOU would love to read and review this short story of mine? I hate to mention Christmas so early in the year, but in order to boost my online exposure, I need more reviews and ratings on amazon, so I’m offering the book for free until the end of November.

Send me an email, and I’ll send you a copy to read and review!


This short, easy-to-read story follows the adventures of Flyserou, a brave, young cockroach, tired of the endless battle against the Enemy (humans), who leaves home in search of answers to the relentless war. The story is told through a course of ten letters sent back home. As we read about Flyserou’s adventures and encounters, it is as much an engaging parable as it is a self-reflection into our own lives. As Flyserou ventures deeper into the Enemy realm, the reader learns much about themselves (from the viewpoint of a cockroach!) It sounds like a strange story, but the strangest part is the discoveries you will learn as you read this personal correspondence!


#newreleases “Writing Buy The Book.”

“Balls-deep in Paradise.” coming later this Summer… a sneak peek…

I think this first draft introduction to the new work says it all… it’s a really tough piece to write, and I am so honored and thankful to have all of you as supporters and FRIENDS cheering me on in the background – don’t worry, I’ve changed the names to protect the guilty…!

"Balls-deep In Paradise" by Anthony Donnelly
“Balls-deep In Paradise” by Anthony Donnelly

MY Secondary School English teacher, William R. Malyszko (just to give him credit!), once told me, “Write what you know.”
How could he possibly have gleaned from the vacation story writing assignment for which I submitted THREE NOTEBOOKS – instead of the asked for three pages – that I had a passion for writing? The aforementioned comment and the ‘F’ rating of my assignment (thankfully) didn’t diminish my passion for the written word. It could have done, however, and it pains me that people of leadership/ role models abuse (or don’t acknowledge) the power they have. Thankfully, far from perturbing me from writing, it planted an unconscious seed in me instead (something teachers and other folks of influence are all too often unaware of) it pushed me further into the realm of seeking exciting experiences to write about.
As the ‘experiencer’ (made-up-word – hopefully!) of my life, even though I have been a CEO, an actor, a freelance writer, a world traveler, and a hobo, I never really thought of it as exciting, adventurous, or even entertaining. How many of us actually reflect back upon our lives and think they were of any real significance? People say we all have at least ONE book inside us, but who truly believes their life is worth writing about? Even the celebrities bow down to PR-heads that tell them their fans are dying to read something, but they never – rarely – write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, as is read in later memoirs lamenting the fact, and admitting their slavery.

This, therefore, is the book I’ve always wanted to write, but never felt was interesting enough to dilute my time to writing. I am writing about what I know, but I think it is dull and boring – thank heavens others don’t feel the same way. To them, I have led a precarious, fascinating, adventurous, nefarious, and down-right naughty existence. I cannot cast judgement on that, I lived the life I was born into – I think I played the hand I was dealt rather well – and I learned some tricks along the way. I know I broke hearts, I had my heart broken. I know I’m not a saint, but I’m not going to Hell either (I don’t believe in that! Which I guess helps…?!)
Unlike many of my other published works, this is very current. It is set in 2014, the time of my first trip to Costa Rica, a mesmerizing and enchanting country for which I have nothing but praise and admiration – especially for their performance in the World Cup! I won’t pass comment about England.
As you will read in this book – if you, hopefully, read more than this meager introduction, I was sexually abused as a very young child, I became a struggling, young entrepreneur, I dabbled in the quagmire of ‘sexual identity’, I was that typical ‘almost-ran’ who could have been anything, yet choose to be nothing, I loved, I lost, I married, I divorced, I traveled, and went from riches to rags… Boring, I know, but somewhere along the way I lost myself (or who I thought I was) found myself, lost myself, and found something much greater…
Do yourself a favor, don’t read this book. Unless your life is totally in the toilet, or you are lost, or you just have sympathy with a fellow human being… What am I saying? Please buy this book, put it in your toilet for friends to read when they are constipated – it might make them laugh so much they’ll shit (can you say shit? Not a made-up-word!)
I always had the dream of writing a self-help book that was as entertaining as a novel, I never dreamed I would have to actually LIVE that life to make it come true. Well, this is it… part memoir, part fiction (most of it, I assure you!) This is what it is – how I view my life right now: this is who I am, I have nothing to hide. Attack me, if you will. Praise me, if you will. My ‘Henry the Egg’ artwork sums up my life.
I hope you enjoy this story, or at the very least your friends have some humor whilst they work our their shit in your toilet…


Anthony Donnelly

#newbookrelease Coming Soon: “The Shepherd” by Anthony Donnelly

Happy July 4th and Canada Day weekend to you all…!

I am proud to announce that my latest book, “The Shepherd” will soon be available to purchase online at a very reasonable $2.99

AnThe Shepherd Cover Artother inspirational work about true leadership, self-discovery, independence and freedom. A semi-political work advocating an awakening to the international slavery of mankind by large governments without any true power… and taking back control of your own life.

Here’s a quick sneak peek inside…


“Follow your heart, for that is the only true leader of men.”

The Shepherd mingled amongst his flock of sheep and goats. For what seemed like eternity, he had been their leader. Most of his time was spent keeping them apart from one another, and looking out for potential predators, namely the wolf. That’s what he’d been told to do. Over fields and valleys, in good weather and bad, he had watched over them. Ever present. Ever watchful. When they wandered off too far, he tapped them back into line. He stayed up many a dark night keeping watch over them.
They seemed to have the better deal. They ate when they wanted, slept when they wanted, they looked happy and content. But something gnawed away at him day after day, as the sun burned down upon his weary head. Night after night, as he watched the stars, he became more and more worried. He was more lost than the flock he was supposed to be leading. He was tired and frustrated, but he couldn’t let them notice for fear of losing his leadership.

As always, I appreciate your support and following!




PS – If you would like an advanced copy to review, please send me an email: Anthony Donnelly