Bullshit London Tours

Bullshit London CollageWhat an exciting weekend that was!

Whether you’re new to London or have lived here for centuries, Bullshit London Tours are sure to entertain and surprise you! I managed to piggy-back off a group of six Australian tourists that had booked an off-peak tour (main season is April – October) with our host, guide, and comic entertainer, Reuben Williams (if that name is to be believed!)

Learn who stole the clock from St Pauls… where God lives… the world’s smallest children’s prison… and much, much more…!

My favorite part had to be the guided tour of the famous Swedish soap opera film set…

As said, if you thought you knew London, think again!!!

For more details and bookings, check out their website: http://www.bullshitlondon.com/

“A tenner! This tour’s worth more than a tenner…”

“Oh, okay, here’s twenty!”

“Twenty! Twenty? Nah, nah, you have to haggle…”

If Monty Python did London tours… this might well be it.


SPECIAL TIP: Ask them about their special pub crawl…



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“The Quasimodo Theory?”

“Yeah, like I base my whole life on a hunch.” He belched again.

Fanny was now fast asleep on his lap, her face buried in his crotch. J-R still snored in the corner, despite Stump’s efforts to annoy him by throwing each of his empty lager cans at his head. Blagg had called for room service about fifteen minutes earlier and complained that the bar only had four lagers left in it. He had snorted that it wasn’t fucking good enough, and if they didn’t want him to come down to the lobby stark naked and prove why he was called Blagg Hardon, they should fucking well get some cold lagers up there pronto – 49 cold lagers to be precise. Needless to say, five minutes later, room service rang the bell of the penthouse and forty-nine cold lagers were trollied in. Twelve of them now littered the floor where Jonny-Ray slept.

“But that still doesn’t answer the question of where you get your lyrics?”

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#Homeless US #Veterans In Need of Your Help RT

Please retweet this post about the rising US veterans’ homelessness EPIDEMIC.

memorial-day-wallpapersWith Memorial Day just around the corner (May 26th – this Monday) it is the perfect time to proactively make a united effort to spread the word about a horrible problem in America – and elsewhere in the world: homelessness, addiction, and recovery amongst returning war veterans. I don’t much care, if you support US foreign policy or not, it is of no matter, we are dealing with fellow HUMAN BEINGS that did their job abroad, faced terrifying and traumatic circumstances, and arrive ‘home’ to find they are often still fighting a HIDDEN enemy (oftentimes worse than the one they were sent to protect us from!)

If, like me, you were blissfully unaware how widespread this problem is, then you are forgiven, BUT PLEASE… bury your head no longer! I’m amazed that in a society where MILLIONS will happily vote for their favorite candidate on THE VOICE, THE X FACTOR, AMERICAN IDOL, and other such (dare I say…) trite, ridiculous, commercially-driven drivel, less than a few hundred thousand people are actively spreading the word – let alone actually offering their support and assistance – about this problem.

PLEASE help spread the word and, if you can, make a donation, offer some time, or at the very least read some of these sites to educate yourself and those you know about this problem.

IVAA – returning veterans from Iran and Afghanistan

Channel Four news item

Veterans Village of San Diego

or simply google “homeless veterans” and watch the hundreds of page listings pile up!


I have never been in the armed forces, but I have experienced homelessness, and it is definitely no laughing matter. THAT was traumatic enough for me, I cannot imagine how things must be for these men and women from ALL wars over the past decades. Hide your head IN SHAME, if you must, but rather, do something, anything, to help a FELLOW HUMAN BEING. For more information about what some friends and I are trying to do to help be part of the solution, stay posted to this blog.

Thank you for reading, retweeting, and sharing.

“Together all problems can find solutions.” (Anthony Donnelly)