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My full length high-concept SciFi Novel “49q? The Enigma Continues” is FREE TODAY on Amazon.

Here’s a quick sneak peek inside part of the enigma…

“The Quasimodo Theory?”

“Yeah, like I base my whole life on a hunch.” He belched again.

Fanny was now fast asleep on his lap, her face buried in his crotch. J-R still snored in the corner, despite Stump’s efforts to annoy him by throwing each of his empty lager cans at his head. Blagg had called for room service about fifteen minutes earlier and complained that the bar only had four lagers left in it. He had snorted that it wasn’t fucking good enough, and if they didn’t want him to come down to the lobby stark naked and prove why he was called Blagg Hardon, they should fucking well get some cold lagers up there pronto – 49 cold lagers to be precise. Needless to say, five minutes later, room service rang the bell of the penthouse and forty-nine cold lagers were trollied in. Twelve of them now littered the floor where Jonny-Ray slept.

“But that still doesn’t answer the question of where you get your lyrics?”

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#NaNoWriMo The ‘Write’ Habits – Tips For Writing – Part I

Well, what another successful month November was! For those that don’t know, November is (unofficially) National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. It should really be InNoWriMo, because it has been Inter-national for a number of years. I won’t repeat words here to tell you what it is (just click the link above to go to their website!) all I will say is that it’s a month where people aim to write a whole novel in 30 days!

https://i0.wp.com/d3bhawflmd1fic.cloudfront.net/assets/crest-bda7b7a6e1b57bb9fb8ce9772b8faafb.pngWriting a novel is no small feat, and in a month is even harder, so I commend all those that took part. That is, however, not the topic of this blog – not directly anyway. The ‘Write’ Habits will be my contribution to existing and aspiring writers, by offering tips and suggestions over the next 12 months. Writing can be a lonely chore sometimes, even though most writers would agree with me that it’s an addiction (of sorts!) that you just can’t not do. We all need encouragement, help, and handy guidance from time to time. In these posts I’ll be sharing things I do to continually write, habits I’ve learned, things that don’t work for me, mistakes I’ve made, and guidance from fellow writers.

Here’s the first tip: Write Every Day!

Whether you are working on a novel or not, the habit of making time each and every day will hone your skills, it’ll prepare you for those odd bouts of writer’s block (which I rarely suffer from as I almost always have multiple projects going on!) Even if it’s a poem, or free-association, and even if it’s only for a few minutes, sitting down with pen and paper, or fingers at the keyboard, it’s solidifying the habit.

Short and sweet, stay tuned for more tips next time!


About the author: Anthony Donnelly is author of The Shepherd, a short, inspirational parable about life growth and living more consciously, which he’s promoting right now for ONLY 99 cents. In additon, he has over six other published works. He is a business consultant and life guide, and spends his time in Costa Rica, Europe, and North America.

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FREE Book Promotion Over Now

The Shepherd Cover ArtThe free book download promotion on Amazon for THE SHEPHERD has now ended.

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Although we didn’t reach the #1 spot in any category, we did manage to get into the top 10, which is a wonderful achievement with so little promotion.

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#quotations “Why Am I Here…?”

It is an age-old preoccupation of Man to ask the question, “Why am I here?” and search for meaning and purpose. Many years ago, I added two words to this question, and it is a rather nice mantra, especially in awkward or unexpected encounters:

“Why am I here for you…?”

Much modern thinking focuses on the ‘universe’ providing for us (which I believe is true) but it is all about ASKING, not giving. What if you altered your perspective just a wee bit and pondered what you can do for all those people around you? Just a simple smile, a kind word, a charitable deed… do you think, little by little, we might all be able to make this a wonderful place to live and co-create in…?

Just musing… Have a wonderful weekend…!