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New 49q coverOn Friday March 6th you can download a FREE copy of my mind-boggling mystery-trilogy-in-one-book: “49q? The Enigma Continues…”

That’s right… zip… zilch… nada… nothing…

…all I ask in return is that you rate it and review it on Amazon when you get the chance.



49q? The Enigma Continues – REVIEWS

There’s a surprisingly good reason why 49q? The Enigma Continues is climbing up the Amazon bestseller charts – people are buying it and they like it!

49q hard coverIt’s a VERY unconventional book, and even when I devised the concept almost 20 years ago, I wasn’t sure how well it would be received. I still think readers will either LOVE IT or hate it. Here’s some reviews of those that (obviously) love it:

“One of the most interesting stories I have read on Amazon”

“This book is amazing. This book is insane. This book is vital. This book is unreadable. This book died for your sins.”

“Two thumbs up!”

“Each chapter unravels a totally unique plot that keeps me driven towards the story and I just can’t put it down.”

“This is an excellent story with lots of interesting action and great development of plot.”

“This is a very imaginative well written fantasy with lots of action and good character development.”

“This is a great concept novel from author Anthony Donnelly. His works are among the most interesting and ground-breaking on the Kindle store.”

VERY humbling reviews, and I thank ALL my readers that have taken the time to post their comments and reviews online. If you want to find out what all the fuss is about and write your own review, why not take advantage of the 80% discount that’s currently on offer. Order your copy today!

49q? The Enigma Continues

Proof Indie Publishing Works

Since making the switch from taking the traditional publishing route to independent publishing, I have had my reservations. Was being independently published just a ‘cop out’? Were the accolades the same? Would people still see me as a ‘real’ author…?

Although my time with a traditional publisher in the US was rather short lived, I never gave up the dream of having my other works published and find an audience. I am happy to say that yesterday gave me the answer I was looking for.

Over a decade ago, I thought I’d put my first full length novel (a concept novel, part of a trilogy) in its grave after five years of trying to find a home for it with the big publishing houses. There didn’t appear to be a way to publish it and there was no way to reach an audience. Independent publishing was still in its infancy, and the tools just weren’t there.

Yesterday proved that all wrong!

New 49q coverNever Give Up On Your Dreams!

Thankfully, with some hard work and great networking, I was able to use social media platforms like WordPress, Facebook, and (mostly) twitter to promote my free book giveaway. Obviously, I was a little apprehensive and wondered if anybody would download a copy. The feedback initially from Amazon was rather slow: after six hours I had barely made an impact, rating about #63 in one category, but people were downloading my book!

By persisting and experimenting with different posts and tweets (not too many, mind!) my novel began to get more and more downloads and crept up the rankings ladder.

The independent writer-publisher network is huge, I found out. It was an exciting and humbling experience to see online friends – ‘virtual’ strangers (lol) – retweeting my book and pitching in to help spread the word. They had nothing to gain from helping me. I wasn’t paying for any promotion. Yet, there they were, these invisible friends, all playing a vital role in launching and promoting my work!

Awesome! Thank you all.

When I awoke this morning, I almost cried, my humble little offering had made it to #1 in one category and #5 in another…!!! I thought I must still be dreaming. While I was asleep, my social media friends were hard at work, not doing much you may think, just clicking and retweeting, but as a team effort WE DID IT…!!! YOU did it 🙂

The number of free downloads amazed me – in the hundreds! In only 24 hours, and counting. Now, I don’t expect my novel to become a bestseller – it’s not that kind of novel – it’s rather hit and miss, whether the readers will enjoy it completely. Now comes the tricky bit… will people post reviews? What will the reviews be like? Can I face the music, if the response is negative?

Right now, I’m up on Cloud Nine, and the potential negative reviews will probably bounce off, I’m reeling in the awe of having my book make it to #1. If you’d like to find out what all the fuss is about, it’s still free for a while, and you can download it here: 49q? The Enigma Continues.

So, if you’re an indiepub or are planning to publish a book soon, I hope this will give you the strength to carry onward, to stay positive and publish and promote your book. It can be done! With a little help from your friends… helping them out along the way (maybe you didn’t know how important that retweet or share really was)… Together as a united team of independent publishers we can continue to bring diversity and unedited creativity to the readership, letting THEM decide what’s worthy of publication, not the (often) narrow-minded editors of big publishing houses.


If you have a book you’re working on or needs a little more promotion, PLEASE let me help pay back all the kindness I have received with my launch and give you a push in the right direction. Contact me in the comments section, or send me a tweet! Good luck with your writing endeavors.

Q & A With Author, Anthony Donnelly

Q & A With Author Anthony Donnelly about “49q? The Enigma Continues”

Question: ‘49q?’ is a strange title for a book, is there a story behind it?

49q cover 1Anthony Donnelly: A strange title for a strange book! When I was first working on the whole concept – not just this novel but the other two, the film, and the music album – back in the 1990s, I was doing a lot of channeling, occult stuff, and meditation… the expression ‘49q’ kept coming into my head again and again… I added the question mark and it was my working title for the project. I had no idea it would become the title for the duration. If you want to know what it means, you’ll have to read the book… that’s part of what it’s all about, solving the mystery.

Question: So what is ‘49q? The Enigma Continues’ all about?

Anthony Donnelly: Great question! Like most things that are very different, this began as an experiment. I’d never written a full-length novel before, only shorts, articles, and essays, so I wanted to break the mold and do something really different. My thinking was that this was like Joyce’s Uylesses, it would be so different that it either wouldn’t work, or it would… no inbetween. I began with some rough ideas, the main one being that I wanted to break with tradition and write the story in BOTH first and third person. I was questioning lots of things in life at the time, and I thought, “Why can’t a book be written in both?” It will take a few of the readers a while to get used to the style, but it’s worth it.

As to what the story is about… Life? It should give the reader a sense of exploration, self-discovery, mystery. There are many plots in it, so there’s something for almost everyone in it, and they all intertwine. It’s a little bit like unraveling a ball of string!

Question: This was all written a long time ago. Why has it taken so long to finally publish it?

Anthony Donnelly: Well, like many of my big projects, this was a little too ‘out there’. Nobody has ever written a trilogy of novels, a movie, and a music album as one project before. As a somewhat unknown author, no publisher wanted to take the risk on something this experimental, I doubt they ever will. The internet and ebook publishing has at least allowed me to bring this edition out… I’m just testing the waters, if people like it, perhaps I’ll release the other two novels. Who knows?

Question: This isn’t just a SciFi novel, though, is it?

Anthony Donnelly: No it’s not. That does make finding the right category rather difficult. It has SciFi elements, it has fantasy, contemporary themes, spiritual quotations, theological theories, there are many issues going on in the plots, even sexual abuse. As said, this isn’t your ordinary novel, and the reader is either going think it’s amazing or utter rubbish.

Question: Do you have a favorite part, was a certain part more enjoyable to write?

Anthony Donnelly: The whole thing was enjoyable to write – although it did almost make me go crazy trying to keep up with the timeline, especially when I was channeling some parts. The whole section on the Zfartendrill Maze Network was probably the best bit, though. Oh, and I really like the character of Zog the Destroyer – he’s funny and dangerous!



#THANK YOU To Everybody That Helped

I cannot thank all of you enough who downloaded and retweeted by free book yesterday.


49q cover newWith your help, encouragement and support, over 50 copies of my debut novel, 49q? The Enigma Continues were downloaded. I got two 5-star reviews (with more to come, hopefully!)

Additionally, and I’m not really sure how this happened, I sold some copies of my other book on Amazon, The Shepherd…!!!

I also made a whole bunch of new friends and contacts.


What a brilliant day! Thank you all once again for all your help. Let me know if I can return the favor…

Be Happy! Be One!

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“Can YOU Solve The Enigma?” #FREE #Book Today Only

My full length high-concept SciFi Novel “49q? The Enigma Continues” is FREE TODAY on Amazon.

Here’s another quick sneak peek inside part of the enigma…

“A question is just an answer in reverse,” said Bob, turning away from the enquirer. Usually that was enough to dispel further dumb questions.

The barman had just left the young man’s Guiness to settle before re-pouring. Dire Straits’, “Money For Nothing “, cued on the jukebox.

“In that case,” began the young man, pausing to look Bob directly in the eyes, “Forty-nine Q.”

Bob’s jug of bitter fell immediately from his hand and smashed musically upon the floor. Without a further sound or hesitation, he grabbed his green jacket, and left.

“See ya, Bob!” the barman called after him . He presented the young man with his pint of Guiness. He took it and sat back in the corner. The pub carried on as though nothing had happened. Unfortunately that could not have been further from the truth. It was the start of something much greater.

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49q cover new

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