Frugal Book Promotion Tips

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  • Create a separate Twitter account for one of the main characters in your book.  The key here is to stay in character with your tweets, but this will keep the audience engaged and following you from book to book. Your character can even offer special promotions to their audience.
  • Find forums that relate to the subject of your book.  Forums have a ton of traffic and people that are looking for answers.  You can be the forum expert on your subject and become the “go-to” person that everybody can rely on.  Remember to add the URL of your website and the title of your book to your signature detail.  This will help to bring a load of organic traffic to your website.
  • Exchange reviews with fellow authors then share them on your social media accounts.  You are not the only author that is in need of reviews.  Authors are literally begging people to leave reviews on their books.  Reviews not only help to show a prospective buyer the quality of your product, but the more reviews that you have, the more seasoned your book looks.  If you are un-comfortable asking a fellow author to exchange reviews, then don’t hesitate to look on where you can pay $5 for a quality book review.
  • Create an author page or book sales page with a free website builder.  Building a website can be a ton of work and can also be costly at times.  The good news is that with the evolution of the internet multiple websites have sprung up that allow you to easily create a functional website.  I’m partial to because I find it to be the easiest to use.  It’s literally drag-and-drop.  It takes very little time to get acquainted with the website building tools.  You can be up and running within an hour.  What do I love most about  There’s a FREE mobile app that comes with your website.  This mobile app allows you to check your website stats, emails, and update your blog while on the go!  Don’t forget to get yourself a domain name at, but don’t pay full price.  Tip: You can Google search: Go Daddy Promo Codes prior to buying your domain, and sometimes save up to 80% depending on which promo code you find. 
  • Get in contact with niche blogs that are relevant to your book’s subject and offer to guest post.  This can be a HUGE traffic generator!  Blog owners are always looking for new, fresh content to help improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and free content is always appreciated.  This is your chance to shine in front of a targeted audience while asserting yourself as an expert in your field.  Make sure to negotiate being able to post a link back to your book’s website along with posting the title of your book. 
  • Start a Facebook page for your book.  This is a great way to keep reader’s up-to-date with the success of your book.  You can host contests, give away books, and even have reader’s send in pictures of them with your book so that you can post it!  This helps to keep reader engagement high!  Facebook pages are free to create and can do wonders for your book sales if they are managed properly. I would search for a graphic designer that can help you with professional graphics (for $5.)  This small investment can reap huge returns! 
  • Get some book business cards made to hand-out during networking events.  Every time I’m at a networking event it is inevitable that somebody asks me what I do for work, for the community, or for my hobbies.  I never let a moment pass in one of these conversations where I can insert my “author” title. Once somebody learns that I’m an author they almost always ask what the names of my books are.  It’s then that I pull out my book business card and hand it over to them.  These business cards are very simple.  On the front is a small image of my book cover, the title of my book in large font, and the URL of my book sales page. On the back, I have the description of my book and a brief call to action phrase.  I’ve seen some authors use promo codes on the back to increase buyer conversion, but that’s at the discretion of the individual author.  You can get these cards for cheap and easily design them using
  • Visit Blog Talk Radio and look for shows that might benefit from hosting you as a guest.  There are some shows that have massive followings so you may strike gold.  Be persistent, be diligent, and be kind.  If a show declines your offer, then ask to be put on a list in case they get a last minute guest cancellation and need to fill a slot.  Or, alternatively, you could even start your own show! 
  • Don’t be afraid to utilize Print On Demand (POD) for your books.  There are many authors that still hold a large inventory of their books inside of home offices.  This can be costly and take up space, and can even go as far as hurting your writer’s ego.  Self-doubt can creep its way into your mind while staring at a stack of un-sold book inventory.  With the rise of POD book printing services there is no longer a need to keep a large inventory of books on hand.  With a POD service like CreateSpace, you can now eliminate the excess inventory that’s clogging up your writing space.  Buyers can now buy directly from CreateSpace.  They print the books on-demand, package them, ship them, and you collect the royalty checks.  

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