49q? The Enigma Continues – REVIEWS

There’s a surprisingly good reason why 49q? The Enigma Continues is climbing up the Amazon bestseller charts – people are buying it and they like it!

49q hard coverIt’s a VERY unconventional book, and even when I devised the concept almost 20 years ago, I wasn’t sure how well it would be received. I still think readers will either LOVE IT or hate it. Here’s some reviews of those that (obviously) love it:

“One of the most interesting stories I have read on Amazon”

“This book is amazing. This book is insane. This book is vital. This book is unreadable. This book died for your sins.”

“Two thumbs up!”

“Each chapter unravels a totally unique plot that keeps me driven towards the story and I just can’t put it down.”

“This is an excellent story with lots of interesting action and great development of plot.”

“This is a very imaginative well written fantasy with lots of action and good character development.”

“This is a great concept novel from author Anthony Donnelly. His works are among the most interesting and ground-breaking on the Kindle store.”

VERY humbling reviews, and I thank ALL my readers that have taken the time to post their comments and reviews online. If you want to find out what all the fuss is about and write your own review, why not take advantage of the 80% discount that’s currently on offer. Order your copy today!

49q? The Enigma Continues


49q cover 149q? The Enigma Continues is currently FREE to download in Kindle format. Please help spread the word and share this blog, tweet it up, and post it on Facebook…!!!

Currently ranked #58… can we get it into the Top 10 together…?

“This is a great concept novel from author Anthony Donnelly. His works are among the most interesting and ground-breaking on the Kindle store. I think that Anthony is a very talented author and that we will soon start hearing of him in respected book publications.”

(one of the 5 star reviews so far)



“Can YOU Solve The Enigma?” #FREE #Book Today Only

My full length high-concept SciFi Novel “49q? The Enigma Continues” is FREE TODAY on Amazon.

Here’s another quick sneak peek inside part of the enigma…

“A question is just an answer in reverse,” said Bob, turning away from the enquirer. Usually that was enough to dispel further dumb questions.

The barman had just left the young man’s Guiness to settle before re-pouring. Dire Straits’, “Money For Nothing “, cued on the jukebox.

“In that case,” began the young man, pausing to look Bob directly in the eyes, “Forty-nine Q.”

Bob’s jug of bitter fell immediately from his hand and smashed musically upon the floor. Without a further sound or hesitation, he grabbed his green jacket, and left.

“See ya, Bob!” the barman called after him . He presented the young man with his pint of Guiness. He took it and sat back in the corner. The pub carried on as though nothing had happened. Unfortunately that could not have been further from the truth. It was the start of something much greater.

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49q cover new

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Some Early Reviews for THE SHEPHERD by Anthony Donnelly

That was a great free book event yesterday, and a great success. Thank you for all the continued promotion and support. Since one of my readers just called me and told me they thought it was like The Alcamist… only better! I just thought I’d share a few of the great reviews that came in so far:

The Shepherd Cover Art“An amazing read with tons of enlightened thoughts. Love it a ton!!”

“First thing that came to mind upon reading the Shepherd was the story of Hansel and Gretel. Charming and insightful on many levels.”


“This is a wonderful and meaningful little Kindle read. A well-written story with something to learn from it. This author is definitely going to go far. Well worth the price!”


“This book is an easy read, packed full of great information, experiences and backed up by scripture. The book will change how you view your relationship with God and heavenly beings. I highly recommend this book, which is more like a training manual on seeking God and all that He has to offer.”


High praise indeed. The Shepherd now on sale only $0.99 a bargain!




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Book Review Exchange

Calling all fellow published authors…

Would you like to share and promote book reviews and ratings on amazon? If so, please email me: Anthony Donnelly Email

I have two books I’m pushing for Christmas: The Shepherd and 49q?

If you would like to take part, I’ll give your book a star rating and a review, and I’ll also post it on my blog, twitter, and facebook page. I’ll be launching a one-day event when both books are free for download and I’ll give you the details in my reply email.

Thanks for your help and support.




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FREE Book Promotion Over Now

The Shepherd Cover ArtThe free book download promotion on Amazon for THE SHEPHERD has now ended.

What a BRILLIANT promotional launch week this has been! Thank you all for your support in downloading the book, reading it, and posting your reviews.

Although we didn’t reach the #1 spot in any category, we did manage to get into the top 10, which is a wonderful achievement with so little promotion.

The greatest news of all, is that it has now led to some early sales of the book 🙂


If you missed the free offer, you can still download the book at its current promotional price of only $2.99 until further notice. Just click on the photo or go here to buy your copy: THE SHEPHERD. Please keep posting your reviews and sharing links with your friends.

AND PLEASE: be honest with your reviews, if I can improve the story any, please let me know.


Thank you once again for all your help and support – you are awesome!



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#goodreads The Cockroach Chronicles

Offering free review copies of my book The Cockroach Chronicles to interested readers for a limited time.

Cockroach Chronicles Cover

Do you know of anybody that loves to read and review books? Perhaps YOU would love to read and review this short story of mine? I hate to mention Christmas so early in the year, but in order to boost my online exposure, I need more reviews and ratings on amazon, so I’m offering the book for free until the end of November.

Send me an email, and I’ll send you a copy to read and review!


This short, easy-to-read story follows the adventures of Flyserou, a brave, young cockroach, tired of the endless battle against the Enemy (humans), who leaves home in search of answers to the relentless war. The story is told through a course of ten letters sent back home. As we read about Flyserou’s adventures and encounters, it is as much an engaging parable as it is a self-reflection into our own lives. As Flyserou ventures deeper into the Enemy realm, the reader learns much about themselves (from the viewpoint of a cockroach!) It sounds like a strange story, but the strangest part is the discoveries you will learn as you read this personal correspondence!


Book Review: Notes from a Small Island

I have lived outside of the British Isles most of my adult life, only occasionally stopping back there for important family gatherings, funerals, and the like. And so it was, whilst visiting friends in Canada recently, I stumbled upon Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson.

Bill brysonWhat a delighful read. Bill writes with fondness and appreciation of my homeland, liberally smattered with big dollops of his unique wit and humour. Part tour guide, part homage to a country he called home for two decades, he retells his early experiences with the strange and quirky land, the things that have changed – for good and bad – and gives a very unbiased observation of many regions of the UK I also love, and love to hate.

It was a nostalgic journey for me, and quite lovely to hear the reflections and observations of a ‘foreigner’ to my little island. I found myself all at once crying, as I remembered fondly places from my childhood, and laughing out loud (which I rarely do when reading!) at his spot-on observations about us Brits. It was great to be reminded of what makes the British so unique and cherished.

This is an easy read and page-turner, in fact, I easily used this book as an excuse NOT to do more important chores! Bill has a wonderfully engaging and conversational style. If you’re a fan of the UK, planning a trip there, or just like a jolly good read, this book gets two thumbs up from me – I’d give it more, but I only have two hands!

Thank you Bill Bryson for taking the time to jot down your love of my country.

#Freebooks Reviews

If anybody would like a FREE copy of any of my books in exchange for a review on Amazon, I’d be more than happy to send you a copy via email.

Please send me a short note, and I’ll be in touch: adonnellywriter@yahoo.com


Here’s a quick overview of the titles I currently have online:

CHARLIE THE MIGRATING SNAIL: a young, curious snail sets off on an  adventure to find answers to all the questions in his head, and is very surprised by what he discovers.

THE COCKROACH CHRONICLES: a cockroach explores the world of The Enemy (humans) to discover why they are hated so much. A reflection on humanity and a mirror to how we, as humans, are not living in balance with the natural world.

MICHAEL AND THE MAGIC HICCUP – The Adventure Begins: a quaint fairytale about a common garden gnome that hiccups his way into a magical kingdom.

MICHAEL AND THE MAGIC HICCIP – The Teapot’s Revenge: part two of the story of a special garden gnome, that rescues the Princess and her friends, and becomes a hero afterall.


I’ll also post the reviews on this blog, and if you have a link to your site, or books, I’ll add them to my resources section.


Many thanks for your help and support.