A little poem for all the women out there in Cyberland…


I love the little things you do,
Like leaving the seat down on the loo,
And not just after you have a poo,
I wish other men were as thoughtful as you,
It really isn’t that hard to do.
(A.J. Donnelly)


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Anthony Donnelly is a British author, actor, and life coach, more recently known for his charity, children’s book series, “Charlie, the Migrating Snail”, which is available to buy on Amazon by clicking the book cover to the right.


Anthony Donnelly 1 compressedHi folks!

Having spent all of last week in London on an acting Masterclass surrounded by 39 other amazingly talented artists from around the world, I have hit the ground running and have reignited my comedy candle.

I am in the process of creating a new character (Billy-Bob the Stuttering Cowboy) for a potential new stand-up show with songs. The following is a draft version:

I’M A COUNTRY SINGER by Billy-Bob the Stuttering Cowboy

Please feel free to share it far and wide. If you like it, leave a comment. If you DON’T like it, please leave a comment.

I’ll be working on a music video real soon, so watch this space!

Thanks, y’all…!


#Jokes: Something to Make You Smile

I learned early on in my attempts at stand-up comedy in the US that I’d better not give up my day job, but every now and then I get a quick gag or one-liner that just makes me laugh. After watching a tv docu-drama about the late, great British comedian, Tommy Cooper, I was staring up at the night sky and this one came to me…

“The Big Dipper went on a quiz show the other night. It didn’t win, but it got a constellation prize.”

My mind then went to ‘potty’ humour, and amended it to…

“An 80 year old lady went on a quiz show last night. She didn’t win, but she got the constipation prize.”

And that one reminded me of an old Einstein joke…

“Einstein was constipated the other day, so he asked his assistant for a pencil to work it out.”

Boom! Boom!


As said, no competition for my ‘day’ job any time soon 🙂