#BlackLivesMatter: Food For Thought…

Let me begin by stating that irregardless of the colour of your skin, your political or religious beliefs, your age, your sex or sexuality, ALL LIVES ARE IMPORTANT. That said, since the world appears to have gone completely insane this year, first with the SARS-CoV-2 madness which hasn’t killed the millions it was ‘profiled’ to, but has caused global economic chaos that will have to be paid for somehow, and second by the latest wave of protests responding to the unfortunate death of George Floyd in the US, I simply had to express my own commentary.

Red wine glassFrom the safety of my home, with a nice glass of Malbec red wine, I am conducting my own protest against injustice, but not breaking any lock down instructions nor endangering any other lives, including law enforcement officials. You can join me in my peaceful protest, if you feel the urge:


Although it is a fundamental right for all citizens of this world to have and express their own opinions, and even manifest that in PEACEFUL protesting where other lives are not endangered, utilizing the logic of current protestors, should we also all come out in protest the next time a white criminal is killed by the police, or for that matter when a black criminal rapes and kills a defenseless old lady in her own home?

Additionally, IF Black Lives MATTER so much, as these protestors insist on chanting with such great enthusiasm, how many of them have actually gone to AIDS-infested Africa and volunteered to help? How many are prepared to be part of the solution rather than perpetuate the problem of racial unrest? How many are prepared to protest and work towards actually protecting Black Lives in Africa (and elsewhere in the world) by helping stamp out Tuberculosis, Cholera, Typhoid, AIDS, etc.?

My point…? Stop responding to spoon-fed sound bytes and following the ‘sheeple’, do your research, understand your TRUE history, and if you want to stop discrimination and not fuel further racism you have to be the solution you seek. ALL crimes are wrong. If Black communities want to improve their standing in society they have to respect where they live, help law enforcement stamp out the criminals and drug dealers, stop feeling entitled to things they haven’t earned, and actually participate in making this a better world for everybody.

Stop feeling so put upon and hard done by! Since you are no longer slaves, stop acting like one, and take ownership of your life! History is filled with ‘heroes’ you can research that have come from a ‘poor’ background, people who have chosen to take control of their lives and overcome adversity, learn from them and ACT upon your life! Things won’t change over night, but with persistence and commitment we can all make this a much, much better world for everybody: you just have to do your part and change what is directly in your influence to change.

“Be The Change You Want To See In The World.”-Gandhi

* * *

cockroach coverAnthony James Donnelly is a writer, actor, and entrepreneur.

He is the author of The Cockroach Chronicles: A great primer into the topic of discrimination and prejudice, accessible to all ages. Filled with words of wisdom about compassion and understanding. Available on Amazon.



What the ‘Cluck!’ is this advert all about…?

As the wishy-washy, left-wing, mamby-pamby liberals flock to break the COVID-19 self-distancing laws to protest the death of ONE black person – as opposed to protesting about ALL the black people that die EVERY SINGLE DAY in Africa (those ‘Black Lives’ obviously don’t matter!) from dictators and REAL diseases like Tuberculosis, Cholera, Typhoid, etc., I thought I’d post something a little more humourous and entertaining for those still complying with the regulations to actually help stop the spread of this ‘plague’ and save lives…


An advert for beer…!


A little poem for all the women out there in Cyberland…


I love the little things you do,
Like leaving the seat down on the loo,
And not just after you have a poo,
I wish other men were as thoughtful as you,
It really isn’t that hard to do.
(A.J. Donnelly)


Charlie One Thumbnail

Anthony Donnelly is a British author, actor, and life coach, more recently known for his charity, children’s book series, “Charlie, the Migrating Snail”, which is available to buy on Amazon by clicking the book cover to the right.


Anthony Donnelly 1 compressedHi folks!

Having spent all of last week in London on an acting Masterclass surrounded by 39 other amazingly talented artists from around the world, I have hit the ground running and have reignited my comedy candle.

I am in the process of creating a new character (Billy-Bob the Stuttering Cowboy) for a potential new stand-up show with songs. The following is a draft version:

I’M A COUNTRY SINGER by Billy-Bob the Stuttering Cowboy

Please feel free to share it far and wide. If you like it, leave a comment. If you DON’T like it, please leave a comment.

I’ll be working on a music video real soon, so watch this space!

Thanks, y’all…!


#Jokes: Something to Make You Smile

I learned early on in my attempts at stand-up comedy in the US that I’d better not give up my day job, but every now and then I get a quick gag or one-liner that just makes me laugh. After watching a tv docu-drama about the late, great British comedian, Tommy Cooper, I was staring up at the night sky and this one came to me…

“The Big Dipper went on a quiz show the other night. It didn’t win, but it got a constellation prize.”

My mind then went to ‘potty’ humour, and amended it to…

“An 80 year old lady went on a quiz show last night. She didn’t win, but she got the constipation prize.”

And that one reminded me of an old Einstein joke…

“Einstein was constipated the other day, so he asked his assistant for a pencil to work it out.”

Boom! Boom!


As said, no competition for my ‘day’ job any time soon 🙂

Book Review: Notes from a Small Island

I have lived outside of the British Isles most of my adult life, only occasionally stopping back there for important family gatherings, funerals, and the like. And so it was, whilst visiting friends in Canada recently, I stumbled upon Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson.

Bill brysonWhat a delighful read. Bill writes with fondness and appreciation of my homeland, liberally smattered with big dollops of his unique wit and humour. Part tour guide, part homage to a country he called home for two decades, he retells his early experiences with the strange and quirky land, the things that have changed – for good and bad – and gives a very unbiased observation of many regions of the UK I also love, and love to hate.

It was a nostalgic journey for me, and quite lovely to hear the reflections and observations of a ‘foreigner’ to my little island. I found myself all at once crying, as I remembered fondly places from my childhood, and laughing out loud (which I rarely do when reading!) at his spot-on observations about us Brits. It was great to be reminded of what makes the British so unique and cherished.

This is an easy read and page-turner, in fact, I easily used this book as an excuse NOT to do more important chores! Bill has a wonderfully engaging and conversational style. If you’re a fan of the UK, planning a trip there, or just like a jolly good read, this book gets two thumbs up from me – I’d give it more, but I only have two hands!

Thank you Bill Bryson for taking the time to jot down your love of my country.