“Blow Out The Candles, Make A Wish…”

Wishes vs Dreams vs Goals…

“Blow out the candles, make a wish…”

I’m sure we’ve all heard those words before. They are usually followed up by, “…but don’t say it out loud, else it won’t come true!” (or words to that effect) Is that sound advice?

I don’t think so.

What standard are we setting for our youngsters when we tell them to keep their dreams and wishes to themselves? Although it may be well-intended hogwash, it’s hogwash nonetheless!

Shout it from the mountains!

The best way to get feedback on an idea (wish, dream, etc.) is to share it with the world. How else are they going to know it’s important to you otherwise? However, be prepared for the response. This may come in a few different forms:

  1. They love up your idea.
  2. They slate your idea.
  3. They are quizical.

If They Love Up Your Idea

Although this is great fro your ego, it may not be the best response you could wish for. It’s encouraging, use it for motivation, but get REAL responses. Far too may people pursue ideas (be it a career move, going into business, following a dream, etc.) because close friends and family all said how great they were. A biased opinion is just that, weighted on one side. You need to seek a converse opinion to get a well-rounded view of your concept. Look at where the praise is coming from!

If They Slate Your Idea

On the flip-side of the above, no idea is truly rubbish, however, if people around you trash your dreams, ideas, or concepts, should you abandon ship? Not necessarily. Who’s casting the first stone? Are they valid in what they say? Do they have any real experience? Are they just being watchful over you? Are they only talking from bitter self-experience? Like praise, always take criticism with a pinch of salt. Objectivity is the key!

If They Are Quizical

From personal experience, these are the best people to listen to. They will be asking questions, because they are interested. They are interested to know whether you know what you’re talking about. Have you done your reseach? They won’t say it’s good nor bad until all (or most) of the facts are in. Have you looked at your concept from all angles? Is more research needed?

A Goal Is A Dream With A Date On It

So, why not, the next time you are at a birthday party for a youngster, tell them to say it out loud… share their wish… their dream… their want… But this time you can send them off in the right direction. Have them look at it objectively, if it’s definitely feasible, put a date to it: when are you going to accomplish this? Are there any skills you need to learn? Who is coming along with you? Encourage goal-setting. Dream with them.

Who knows, some parents may remember old dreams of their own they wanted to come true…