Book Reviews: When The Rainbow Smiled by Anthony James Donnelly

Rainbows New Cover

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas. I hope many of you managed to take advantage of my free books over the holiday season. My best presents this year are these two early reviews that have come in for my latest publication When The Rainbow Smiled.

A big thank you to both of these reviewers, what lovely words! Thank you both for taking the time to rate and write a review.

Beautifully written and illustrated short story for all ages.

A perfect accompanyment to ‘When the Trees Held Thier Breath’. This thought provoking story seems to have the ability to speak to you on many levels when considering what is happening around the world today and the society we live in. It’s a book that you can read and read again and reflect on the message of kindness, sharing and freedom of choice and what can happen when we do none of those things. If you are wanting something a little different to share with your children then buy this book!

Five Stars

Such a beautiful book. Thoughtful, thought-provoking and wonderfully illustrated. Warmth on a page.

 A beautiful book, with the charm

A beautiful book, with the charm, delight and unexpected discovery of childhood innocence. The way Anthony Donnelly has unfolded the parable, we are taken on a journey that makes not only the rainbow smile, but our hearts too. A book to read to be inspired, to be lifted and to share.

How lovely to have one of my books referred to as, ‘warmth on a page’. Here’s hoping your year ends well and the New Year begins well and continues to bring you love, success and happiness.

NEW BOOK: When The Rainbow Smiled by Anthony James Donnelly

Rainbows New Cover

Originally written back in 2000 as the sequel to my first publication, When The Trees Held Their Breath, this short, illustrated work tells the story of how colour first came to the world as a ‘smiling’ rainbow. At a much deeper level, the resounding message is one of peace, love, acceptance, and harmony.

This work is especially dear to my heart, as I thought it was lost forever. At the turn of the millennium, certain members of the UK education system were showing an interest in this work as an education tool for primary school children. Since I was living in the US at that time promoting “Trees”, I handed the project and all of my artwork over to an old Secondary School friend of mine, Richard Eyre. He had many contacts, and worked diligently with them to compile a teaching resource to accompany my short, powerful story.

Scan_20151212 (4)
Artwork by Mani Navasothy

Sadly, the project failed to reach fruition at the last minute, and was shelved. When you are an industry outsider, it’s very hard to break into a market that is controlled by the larger organisations! Even sadder is the fact that Richard passed away this year in a tragic motorbike accident in Thailand, where he had been living for the past seven years working on humanitarian projects.

It was at his funeral recently that I was surprised to be reunited with my text and some of my original watercolour artwork once more. Although a handful of my original art was missing, they had been replaced by the fantastic work of Mani Navasothy (an artist Richard had hired to ‘upgrage’ some of my images) which add even more depth and colour to my words.

Scan_20151212 (3)
Artwork by Anthony Donnelly

With the advancement of online publishing and print-on-demand technology, I decided to edit and format this into a full colour publication in honour of my late friend, Richard.

Although I have no doubt that this short book alone will not bring about world peace, this is part of my continuing contribution to that effort. Perhaps some younger readers and their parents will take the themes and messages of my text and open a dialogue about how we, as a combined human race, can work towards that end. A good start would be to bring peace into our personal lives, more understanding in our daily encounters with friends and strangers, a daily focus on love rather than war… We can only hope that by a collective effort and focus on love and acceptance, our children may get the opportunity to live in a war-free world.

When The Rainbow Smiled is available in print format and Kindle via the Amazon website. I love to hear feedback from my readers, so please help spread the word by sharing, posting reviews, and leaving me comments. May this year end well for you, and may 2016 bring you closer to your dreams.


The Shepherd Cover ArtANTHONY DONNELLY blogs about all things writing, inspirational, and motivational. He has published a number of books for children and adults. His latest book, a short, inspirational parable THE SHEPHERD  is currently climbing up the Amazon charts, and is available in Kindle or paperback. When not sat at his keyboard writing, he can be found in Costa Rica, North America, or somewhere in Europe motivating and coaching individuals and groups in self-development techniques and life-balance. Most recently you can see him back on the sets of films and in front of the modelling camera again.

#mondayblogs #books Inspiration Behind “The Shepherd”

Happy Monday to you all!

Shepherd quotation

Thank you for all the likes, support, downloads, and reviews of my latest inspirational parable for personal growth, “The Shepherd”. Some of my friends from Costa Rica have noticed and recognized the sheep and goats from the front cover artwork. Thanks to Michael – the shepherd at that time at the environmental farm I was working on – for taking and sharing the photograph.

A few people have asked what the inspiration was behind this new work. Well, the truth is, I hadn’t intended to write it! I already had two books in a similar vein out on the market: CHARLIE, THE MIGRATING SNAIL, that I’d written in my early youth and have finally epublished, and THE COCKROACH CHRONICLES, which I wrote back in 2000 whilst awaiting the publication of WHEN THE TREES HELD THEIR BREATH, which is now out of print, but I’m considering bringing it out again in ebook format.

THE SHEPHERD began as a few, simple writing style examples for a friend of mine who was struggling to put down their ideas on meditation and life balance into words. They had a lot of knowledge, experience, and information, but couldn’t find a way to put it down in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Living in the middle of a Costa Rican rainforest was great inspiration to write, and I rapidly got an idea which I shared with him. He loved the simplicity of it. In quick succession, I was inspired to write a few more examples. Then a few more… and a few more… I think I deluged him with examples! He liked them, but couldn’t really get into my style.

It was quickly clear that this wasn’t the book he was writing, this was a book I had been inspired to write from meeting and talking with him! Funny how the universe works. I’d not really been inspired to write, let alone publish anything for many years. The Shepherd was a refreshing return to writing in a style I liked and was used to – reminiscent of better times in my life. I have this young man to thank for being the catalyst to push me back into writing – he needs no embarrassing exposure here, but if he’s reading he knows who he is. Thank you my friend!

If you have any questions or comments, please just ask! If you can’t afford to download a copy, just ask me and I’ll send you the text. And please keep commenting, reviewing, and rating my book. The offer goes for ALL my works, if you want a read and can’t afford them, I want them read, so just ask me!



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#Newrelease “The Shepherd” Out Now!

Finally it’s here! It’s been a long time coming, but my latest ebook, “The Shepherd – How To Lead In The Human Spiritual Revolution” is now available on Amazon (click the photo to go to the page).

The Shepherd Cover Art

It would be great to get some early reviews on it. I somehow cocked up on the Kindle KDP Select thingy, as there was supposed to be a countdown promotion FREE for five days. I’m still working on it and hope I can fix it, so the early birds don’t have to pay for a download. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for the support!

#quotations “Why Am I Here…?”

It is an age-old preoccupation of Man to ask the question, “Why am I here?” and search for meaning and purpose. Many years ago, I added two words to this question, and it is a rather nice mantra, especially in awkward or unexpected encounters:

“Why am I here for you…?”

Much modern thinking focuses on the ‘universe’ providing for us (which I believe is true) but it is all about ASKING, not giving. What if you altered your perspective just a wee bit and pondered what you can do for all those people around you? Just a simple smile, a kind word, a charitable deed… do you think, little by little, we might all be able to make this a wonderful place to live and co-create in…?

Just musing… Have a wonderful weekend…!

#New releases The Shepherd by Anthony Donnelly

Coming soon… a new title from Anthony Donnelly:

“The Shepherd”: a simple, parable-like tale of a shepherd that has lost his way in life. Through surrender to his situation, Nature comes to his aid and he is able to re-experience life from the perspective of various animals and wildlife. A wonderful story for anybody that feels adrift or disconnected from their inner child and life purpose. It is also a stark reminder to those that assume to lead us to reassess the responsibility they have to those that choose to follow them, be it religious leaders, political leaders, or business leaders.

The Shepherd by Anthony Donnelly
The Shepherd by Anthony Donnelly

Release date: some time this summer!

If you would like an advanced review copy, please send me an email

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#Quotations: You’ve Made Your Bed…

Following on from my last post about quotations, this is one that I have adapted:

nails“You’ve made your bed, so now lie in it.”


How utterly stupid! Who in their right mind would take that advice?

I have altered this quotation:

“You’ve made your bed, but when you lie in it, if it’s uncomfortable, remake it .”

How often do we just take what is and “accept the hand that’s dealt us”? Okay, I admit, there are sometimes things beyond our control, but who in their right mind would lie in an uncomfortable bed? Remaking the bed might involve apologizing, or doing certain ‘uncomfortable’ things in the short term, but ultimately we will be in a more comfortable life situation. Since we spend a third of our lives asleep (for so many folks, that figure is higher and involves their ‘waking’ lives too!) why not make the experience more comfortable.

If you know of quotations you don’t fully gell with, please share them in the comments below or blog about them.


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