#mondayblogs #goodreads #books Super-huge THANK YOU!

This is a HUGE THANK YOU shout-out to everybody that has already downloaded my #freebook today…!!!

The Shepherd Cover ArtNow that I’ve finally wrapped my head (at least the basics!) around how all this online amazon KDP promotion stuff works, it really looks like my book is climbing up the ratings… ALL THANKS TO YOU…!!!

Thank you… Thank you… THANK YOU…!

If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, you can do so here: THE SHEPHERD

Just a few more downloads and I think it’ll be listed as #1, which was my ultimate goal for today. It’s currently at about #8… so your help has been BRILLIANT…! Please keep sharing, retweeting, posting, and keeping the love going round and round.

Keep downloading and sharing. Btw – the reviews are really humbling… thank you all very, very much 🙂


#peace & #love


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